Dreams of a Housewife

I’m a free spirit. I’m a dreamer. I’m a nature fanatic.

Adventuring. Exploring. Culture.

These are the things that, deep down, my free spirit desires most. These are the things that I find myself daydreaming about the most. I want to go to Ireland, Scotland, England/Wales, Switzerland, EVERYWHERE in the Mediterranean – especially Italy and Greece. I want to go to Africa. I want to go to China and Japan. I want to go to Australia and New Zealand. I want to go to Brazil. I want to see the Mayan and Incan ruins. I want to go to Alaska and Canada. I want to see a rain forest. I want to see the historic sites of the northeastern states of the United States. I want to go backpacking in the northwestern states of the United States. I want to go to Arizona and marvel at the landscape. I want to go to Louisiana and let myself go in the music and food. I want to learn how to surf. I want to eat new foods. I want to try local customs in different countries. I want to try spelunking. I want to go scuba diving in coral reefs. I want to climb a cliff.

I want to go everywhere and do everything!

I just love experiencing new things. Going new places. See new plants and animals in the wild. I want to interact with them. I want to learn about them. I could sit and watch a waterfall all day long. I could stay at the zoo all day long and read all of the informational signs and just watch the animals. (And I have… I took the kids to the Milwaukee Zoo at least once a month over this last year.)

And you know what I think is funny? Because I have young kids and I’m a housewife, this should technically all be out of reach for me. I should be “stuck” at home until the kids are older or until husband and I are old and retired. Or, in the least, wait until the kids are out of the house. I should feel “tied down”, “stuck” and “smothered” by my current lifestyle.

I think that’s stupid. I think it’s stupid because I want to share all of this with my kids and husband. I want to experience these adventures with the people I love most in this world. I think it’s stupid because kids and marriage doesn’t always mean you’re “stuck”.

And I’m so incredibly lucky because I have a husband who, for the most part, agrees wholeheartedly with me and totally enables my love for adventure. He doesn’t cage my free spirit. He doesn’t hold me back. Granted, he doesn’t have quite as… broad… interests as I do, but he is always willing to go along on whatever wild ride I have planned.

The only thing that he really gets to be a stickler about is money. And that’s totally understandable. We have kids to take care of. We have a house to pay for. We have expenses to cover. But as soon as we have some extra cash that we can stand to spend and I do all of the planning, he’s cool with whatever I plan.

He trusts me to throw some of his interests into whatever I plan so he doesn’t hate it. And luckily for me, he’s pretty easy to please. He wants to explore the wilderness of the US and Canada. He wants to see Belgium and Germany and check out their parks and check out hundreds, if not thousands of breweries there. (He’s a home brewer… He’s not so much interested in drinking the beer as much as watching how it’s made in mass production setting.) He would love to go to Ireland and Scotland  and check out the bars and breweries and explore their national parks. He would love to go to Australia and New Zealand and… well…  are you seeing a trend in his interests? Beer and nature.

And I’m cool with that. We’ve come to an understanding. He doesn’t care too much for traveling the world for the culture, but he knows I’m down with beer and nature. He’s happy to be dragged through museums and cultural events so long as he’s had a good dose of nature and beer. It’s a win/win.

I know I can’t do every single one of these things on my bucket list, but I’m confident that we’ll get at least two or three things checked off. The fact that I have a family that encourages my free spirit and daydreams right along with me is all that I need while I wait for the next adventure. And, let’s be honest, daydreaming is half of the fun!