Introducing: Little Prince

I have been trying to think of a good blog nickname that would be appropriate for our most recent addition to the family as of November of 2013 and coming up short for months.

Nothing seemed appropriate or good enough. He is just so incredibly loved in our house. And I’m not talking favoritism with the parents. Buddy, Peanut and Bear were head-over-heels in love with him from day one. Possibly even more so than Husband or myself. They want to hold him and cuddle him. They want to help feed him and change his clothes. They sit and play with him for long periods of time because they want to. They comfort him when he cries. They talk about him constantly. Buddy cries when Little Prince doesn’t sleep in his room with him. THe girls cry when they can’t take a turn holding him. Their love for him shows. He is their baby brother. Their precious little baby brother. He is their littlest prince.

Buddy was actually the first one to mention that term for Little Prince. The kids were playing house and since Peanut usually plays baby, Buddy thought up the new household position of Prince for their baby brother. And they gave Prince everything he wanted. By the time they were done I was resolved on the nickname. Even husband, who hates frilly things, agreed it was incredibly appropriate.

His big siblings were so right on. He is just SUCH a little prince.

First Family Picture

First Family Picture

Little Prince

Little Prince

Peanut with Little Prince

Peanut with Little Prince

Bear with Little Prince

Bear with Little Prince

Buddy with Little Prince

Buddy with Little Prince


His smile has always made us melt



And his giggles brighten our days


Buddy loves to help carry him around and Little Prince loves to be carried, no matter how roughly


His sisters love him more than anything else


It’s a little ridiculous how much the camera loves him


He is never lacking for attention


Our handsome little prince


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