Oh. My. God. – [Act 6.5] – Slumber Party Gets Bigger

Aaaaaand we’re now three for three.

Oh. My. God.

Buddy is definitely on the mend. He’s still throwing up now and again but it’s more because he drank too much than actually being actively sick. It’s not great, but it’s an improvement!

As for the girls, they’re definitely on that first awful day of non-stop puking. Husband was woken up at 4 AM by the sound of Peanut gagging. He got into their room and found her bed full of puke. He changed her clothes, removed her sheets and started the first load of laundry for the day.

Then Buddy came down with his bucket and started throwing up.

This is where Husband woke me up for some help.

Together, we got the kids situated and got them their own buckets and tossed in a movie. Husband sent me off to bed so I could sleep since I took the previous night. I gladly took the offer. I woke up periodically to the sounds of sick kids in the living room and Husband’s comments, “Keep your chin over the bucket.” “Don’t swallow it.” “Don’t wipe your face with your sleeve!”

Around 7:30 AM Husband came in and woke me up. “Sorry, but Bear just puked in bed. I can’t do all three by myself.”


We’re now on our third load of laundry. BUT we’ve finally got a system going that seems to work. The girls would conveniently puke one at a time about every five to ten minutes. Buddy only pukes if he drinks too much. They all wipe their own chins post-puke with their rags and we’ve got an effective bucket rotation.

I’m sure we’ve got plenty of loads of laundry in our future, but I’m glad that we’re at least getting the worst days out of the way on the weekend while Husband is home. Hopefully by tomorrow when Husband goes back to work the girls will be on the mend and Buddy will be all better.

A mom can hope, right?

This is our Sunday. How's yours?

This is our Sunday. How’s yours?


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