Poor Bear’s Eyes

Peanut had a great day at Ortho yesterday, but Bear, unfortunately, did not.

The day started off great. Peanut’s appointment with Orthopedics at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin wasn’t until 3:15, so I decided to take the kids to the Milwaukee County Zoo for a few hours beforehand since we’d be right in the same neighborhood. After the Zoo, we got to the hospital and checked in. I let the kids out and they played with some other kids in the waiting area before we were called back. After the appointment, I loaded everyone up, the kids passed out for a nap and we headed for home.

That’s when things started to get crappy for poor little Bear.

When I got us home, approx an hour later, I noticed Bear had a ridiculous amount of nasty yellow discharge around her eyes. It was practically pouring from her eyes. It was clumped up in her eyelashes and streaking down her cheeks. It was so bad that she couldn’t open her eyes.

I quickly got everyone inside, and after finally getting her eyes cleaned, I noticed they were already slightly bloodshot and her eyelids were starting to get swollen. Not only that, but the skin around her eyes was really red as if they were really irritated.

I immediately assumed it was pink eye and cursed out the effing parents and the effing kids that came to Children’s or the zoo with pink eye. But the weird thing was that Bear wasn’t really uncomfortable unless I was cleaning her eyes off. No itchiness or irritability. Not to mention I’ve never heard of pink eye being contracted within hours of exposure.

I decided to give it the night to see how she looked in the morning.

When I woke her up the goop was gone but I saw her eyelids were even more swollen and the redness around her eyes was more severe. I decided that whether it was pink eye or something else, she needed to be seen. (You know things are serious in our house when I actually take the kids in for an “emergency” visit. We don’t take the kids in unless they lost a limb, turn blue or spontaneously combust.)

We got an appointment in under an hour and I drove Bear and the kids right over.

It turns out it’s most likely not pink eye. After getting the opinion of three pediatricians, they all said they’re pretty sure it’s either a bad allergic reaction or she got some kind of bad irritant in her eyes. I have no idea where she would have gotten something in her eyes because the only time I let her out of the stroller was in the clinic waiting room. The only thing I can think of is that she touched something in passing at the zoo or hospital. Either place is a nesting ground for… everything… awesome.

I feel so bad for her. I would almost rather she had pink eye because at least that’s treatable… Poor Bear.


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