Peanut’s Appointment With Orthopedics

Yesterday we had our appointment with Peanut’s orthopedic surgeon. I love Dr. T because he is not only recognized and respected in the field of pediatric orthopedic medicine (so I know he knows his shit – inside and out) but he’s been with Peanut since the beginning. He remembers her and always greets her with a hug, a big smile and lots of soft-spoken praise. While he doesn’t have the best bedside manners (he’s a mumbler and tends to drift off) he’s always had Peanut’s best interest at heart. That’s all I care about.

That said, even though he has her best interest at heart, he tends to follow the typical path to a child with spina bifida, a disability that is startlingly similar to Peanut’s diagnosis. He doesn’t really try to push the envelope. But I get it. When he only sees her once a year for follow-up appointments, who can blame him? A lot can happen in a year and he’s the big picture guy. He’s the one that catches anything leftover that her therapists, pediatrician and other specialist doctors miss.

He hasn’t seen Peanut for at least six months if my memory is correct. And in the last six months, Peanut has blown every typical expectation of a child her age with her limitations out of the water.

With a nuclear bomb.

She’s paralyzed from the waist down-
but she’s standing.

She’s paralyzed from the waist down-
but she’s walking with assistance.

She’s paralyzed from the waist down-
but she’s getting up the stairs.

She’s not even two years old-
but she’s saying and doing more fine motor projects than most kids her age.

She’s not even two years old-
but she’s demanding a wheelchair because she can control one.

As I updated Dr. T – who, might I remind you, has ‘seen it all’ – all he did was say a genuinely amazed “wow”. He was, for the most part, speechless. I was so proud of my little Peanut in that moment. I’m always proud of her, but I was extra proud with-a-cherry-on-top kind of proud in that moment.

And he responded with a shocking performance of his own. He deviated from his typical directions. He made a referral to a new clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to help her keep pushing herself and he took a huge leap of faith on Peanut and told me NOT to get a stander like we had originally decided. Instead, he opted to have some long-leg braces made for her so she could continue to walk and stay mobile.

And that’s why I love Dr. T. Because he knows my little girl enough that, even when she shocks him by exceeding his expectations, he quickly adjusts to her needs and shows us the path to her next adventure. I’m so grateful to have such a fantastic team of doctors right in our own backyard that are so able and willing to give my little girl everything she needs and deserves.

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