Newtown… Those kids… I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.

Even a few days later, I really have nothing of substance to say that hasn’t already been said about the media, about supporting mental illness and about my love and support for the families and community as they recover from this tragic, heartbreaking loss.

I only post this short post to say that my not fully addressing the shooting isn’t meant to disregard the event. I just thought that it would be disrespectful to write about my feelings, post it, publicize it and get readers while people are mourning over the loss of their children. (This is in no way putting down anyone who did write something. It just wasn’t for me.)

On that note about not meaning to disregard the Newtown shooting, I will continue to post what I have already written, saved and scheduled for the remainder of December. I will not be publicizing this post or sharing this anywhere beyond just the blog (and email subscribers only because I don’t know how to turn that off). If you read this explanation, you read it. If you didn’t, you didn’t.

I hope everyone gives their families an extra hug this holiday season and sends some extra prayers, thoughts and wishes to Newtown as they celebrate the holidays with 26 new angels watching over them.


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