Temporary Dependents

Say hello and goodbye to my temporary dependents.

Mama mouse and her little babies

I found this little mommy mouse and her five babies a little over a week ago in our sports equipment box in our garage. I didn’t want her chewing up our baseball gloves so I wrangled them up and removed them from the cardboard box.

Now… this is where my guilty conscience kicked in. I felt too guilty kicking her and her tiny babies (who were furry but still had their eyes closed) out of our garage with an army of barn cats living on the farm next door. So I set up a temporary home with “nesting supplies”, food and water and took care of them until the babies were big enough to fend for themselves. I wanted to at least give them a fighting chance at life.

Buddy was a great helper during this time and even though I never let him touch the mice or their used bedding, he happily helped me pick fresh grass for bedding and refilled their water bowl every day. He learned to keep a respectful distance and a quiet voice so he didn’t startle the little babies and their Mommy. He learned to be cautious when approaching a wild creature and never ever ever ever touch them (Though I’m almost positive he’ll only follow this rule when I’m watching…). He learned to be patient and wait for the mommy to come out and get a sip of water or munch on some seeds. He is learning that animals are always to be treated with love and respect. And he learned to let go today. He helped me pick out a spot to  let them free and said “bye bye babies! free now!”

I love his curiosity and his innocence.


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