For Once, I’m Not Complaining

So – Quick recap.

Peanut was born on 3-15-2011, paralyzed from the waist down. She also had clubbed feet. There were a couple of other health issues, but these were the two most significant. Over her first year, she had been through physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neurological exams, a broken leg, a dislocated hip, invasive surgery, genetic testing (ie: blood draws and skin biopsies), an EMG (electromyography), multiple MRIs on both her brain and spine, daily injections for two months, more x-rays and ultrasounds than I can currently count, Orthopedic exams, Ponseti Method casting for her clubbed feet and, of course, I can’t discount her well baby appointments and her immunizations.

Through it all there have been multiple emotional, physical and financial hiccups and setbacks. Yet, through it all, she has been an extraordinary little fighter. She just never quit. Everything we throw at her she fights her way through like a champ. She continues to push herself to her physical limits, sometimes even to the point of breaking them. Cognitively, she is extremely observant and intelligent and easily keeps up with, and even sometimes surpasses, her peers. She refuses to be left behind.

Because of her drive, I decided to look into wheelchairs a little earlier than most kids get them. She’s 16 months old now; most kids get chairs closer to 2 1/2 -3 years old. I had a strong suspicion that she could do it though. I felt like once I put her in a chair, she would figure it out.

I was right.

After a couple of weeks of extreme vigilance and determination, I found a vendor for equipment for kids with physical disabilities. He is the superstar of vendors and I got him, I was so excited. After everything Peanut had been through, I so badly wanted to give her some kind of independence. I wanted her to feel like she was at least in control of something in her whirlwind beginning to life.

So, Peanut got a demo to play around with from the vendor and husband and I moved into the next stage. Buying a wheelchair. We planned to meet with the vendor (and by we, I mean “I”) and get Peanut’s measurements and discuss what parts we would need to best fit Peanut’s needs. That was coming up in the next week or so.

Well… it looks like it’s not going to happen. At least not until the beginning of 2013. We have yet another setback and this one’s a DOOZIE.

But for once, I’m not complaining, because the doozie is that husband got a job offer!!!!!

He has already put his two weeks in at his current job and will be starting his new one mid-August. His current job is great and we both love his co-workers dearly. It’s a wonderful company and they’ve been more than accommodating for husband and I as we’ve worked through everything with Peanut. Really, the only problem was that the company was just too small to afford competitive health insurance premiums. We have an unbelievably high deductible. UN-believable.

Because of this, husband reluctantly started looking into a couple of jobs that someone had contacted him about. He got a job offer from both of the places that he interviewed with! Talk about an ego boost for husband!!! I was so happy for him! I have always known that he’s an incredibly selfless and dedicated employee for any company, but it makes me so happy to know that it’s visible to other companies as well!

So now, husband’s new job has moved up from the enrty-level position, it’ll be better pay, an we’ll have an unbelievable deductible (thousands less than we’re currently paying). And if that wasn’t enough, it’s actually a company that he had applied for right out of college, and the position is doing something he has always wanted to do! And if THAT wasn’t enough, his new employer has opted to waive the 60 day waiting period for insurance coverage. We will all be covered starting his first day! And if that wasn’t enough, He’ll be getting a sign-on bonus right before Christmas!!! AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, the job is located back home!!!!!!! So once it’s reasonably possible, we will be moving to a new home closer to our friends and family!


I mean… wow.


I can’t even express how happy I am, both for husband and myself and our kids. I am, and always will be, husband’s biggest advocate, and I can’t say enough good things about him (Okay… I know I complain, but it’s all out of love and/or humor. I swear!). So I can’t even tell you how happy I am for him. He deserves this. He. deserves. this. I will pound this into your brain. HE. SO. DESERVES. THIS.

He has worked his butt off from the very first day that I’ve known him.

In high school he voluntarily worked three jobs at one point to save up for college. He was just shy of a cumulative 4.0 and constantly challenged himself academically. He was president of this society and captain of that team. He graduated with high honors and was one of two speakers for his class for the graduation ceremony.
In college, he worked at his internship and additional on-campus jobs to help pay for it. On top of multiple jobs, he participated in athletics, once again making captain, and became an RA (residence assistant… the person in charge of one of the floors in a dorm). He was up well past midnight every night studying and made the Dean’s list up until graduating.
After graduating he went straight into working without any break in between. He has gone in to work on numerous Saturdays without complaint, sometimes in the middle of the night, to finish testing products. In the three years since starting his job he has never called in sick and only left early once at his co-worker’s insistence. And even then he tried to avoid it. He never makes excuses, never complains and gives more than he is asked for. And this can apply to his family, his job, his faith and his friends.

And, his biggest feat of all. He dealt with ME through all of this. I know… w.o.w. Like I said, I will always be his biggest advocate.

Now, back to the wheelchair before I explode from gushing… While this new job is amazingly astoundingly stupendous wonderful for us, we now have to start over with this new deductible. After, of course, JUST meeting our current deductible. Everything that we will have to spend on Peanut’s new wheelchair will be applied to this new deductible now. We decided it just doesn’t make sense to spend the money on the wheelchair in what remains of 2012 and then have to start over AGAIN on a new deductible at the beginning of 2013. We are going to wait until January and attack it in the new year. Besides, it’s only four-ish months longer to wait. It’s really not a big deal at all in the big picture.

So, after getting so far and getting so close to getting my dearly beloved Peanut her piece of freedom. It slipped through my fingers. *sigh* But, like I said, for once I’m not complaining.

For Peanut, 2011 was the year of fighting. 2012 is the year of hope. And now 2013 will be the year of independence.

And for Husband, 2012 is the year that he finally got what he has worked so hard for!



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