A different kind of Independence Day!

Look! LOOK!!!!!!!! Peanut’s in a wheelchair!

That’s right. Today was the big day! We had our first consultation with her vendor and she got to try out some wheelchairs! I felt like we were car shopping. It’s absolutely unbelievable the amount of wheelchairs you can pick from. THOUSANDS. There are chairs for indoor use, outdoor use, easy transfers, lifts and SO much more. I’m relatively new to this and I’m already overwhelmed with the “simple” choices. I can’t even fathom the more complex features that are at her disposal! I just can’t believe the opportunities that Peanut has in front of her with the way modern medicine and technology is today. It floors me.

Okay, so first of all, I LOVE the vendor and I’m SO HAPPY I fought tooth and nail for him. He is everything that everyone said he was and Peanut absolutely adores him to boot. He’s incredibly well versed in the field and so patient and receptive. When he showed up he didn’t bring a chair in because he wanted to sit down and just listen to my thoughts on her abilities and what our goals were for her. He just sat back and listened to me for half an hour while I told him about Peanut and what I wanted for her. He never interrupted me or corrected me. (which, when dealing with healthcare people, is a major rarity.) Once I finished, he asked me questions and had me go through a daily scenario with Peanut to get an idea of what she’d be needing her chair for. FINALLY after an hour of talking, he went out to his van and grabbed a chair.

He was definitely listening to every single word I said, because when he came in, he brought in something to fit everything I had described. I wanted her independence (check), I wanted her to be able to keep up with her siblings (check), I wanted something for easy transfer to bed, the couch etc (check), I wanted her to have reasonable outdoor use for her chair (MAJOR check), I wanted it to be streamline (check), I wanted it to be something she could use on her own (check), I wanted something that could be adjusted to keep up with her rapidly growing body (CHECK!), I wanted something that would be easy to travel with (MAAAAJOR check!).

We put Peanut in and she was all smiles and giggles. She LOVED it. I mean seriously loved it. She likes being at her sibling’s level. She also loves getting pushed around. She refuses to try the wheels because she’s apprehensive about them, but I’m thinking it should only take a few days at most.

So as far as the wheelchair itself. It’s called the TI-LITE TWIST.

  • This wheelchair is versatile both inside AND out! Once she’s strong enough she can easily play in the yard with her siblings, wheel through forest trails and get around on uneven ground with ease.
  • It comes apart easily (like literally at the push of a few buttons) so travel is simplified tenfold.
  • Everything from the seat to the footrest to the height and width is adjustable. We can also buy a number of different adaptive wheels for different heights and terrains that will all fit on this universal frame so it’s not like we’re stuck with one chair and one chair only.
  • Because the vendor can special order a number of parts, the chair grows with her and she can easily keep this chair for six years at LEAST which is a HUGE financial plus.
  • There’s one wheel in the back for anti-tipping and it’s adjustable depending on indoor/outdoor use. When outdoor it basically becomes a 5th wheel.
  • The front wheels have blinking lights. BLINKING LIGHTS. Talk about appealing to kids! Every time Peanut moves the lights start flashing. It’s similar to those tennis shoes that all kids want that flash when they run. They’re also adjustable and can tip the entire frame forward or backward so Peanut can find a good spot for lumbar control which is imperative to strength building.

There’s more I’m sure, but there’s just so much to remember! Bottom line… it’s perfect. I absolutely love it. LOVE. IT.

To top it off, the vendor offered to let me keep it here for a couple of days so we can test it out and see if there are any immediate issues we can think of that he can either fix or find a new chair. He is also going to contact a rep to find a stander that he thinks would fit her well so we can try that out as well. What an awesome guy!

OH… AAAAND, coolest thing of all, I was originally told that most vendors take 3-6 months from beginning to end to get everything figured out with finances and fitting and everything.

Not this guy. He’s a badass mofo. He is already pushing to try to get this entire wheelchair process started and FINISHED in the next month. I thought we’d be looking at christmas and now we’re looking at next month!

NEXT MONTH?!?!?!?!?!?!? I’m just dying. Every headache and heartache was worth getting this guy. He is wonderful. He is giving my daughter a freedom that I have been dreaming of since the day she was born.

Independence, here we come!!!


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