Thank God it Wasn’t Crack

Apparently just two weeks without drinking coffee regularly has made me lose all tolerance to caffeine.

When I woke up this morning I decided I was sick of looking at some chipped paint and screws sticking out of our bathroom wall. I chugged two cups of stronger-than-usual coffee to give myself a little boost so I had some extra “pep” to fix the bathroom and still do my usual housework. I usually only drink one cup of weak coffee.

It definitely worked. I had pep alright. I had so much pep that I was frantic with energy. I had so much pep that my already too-fast thoughts were now flying through my head at warp speed.

Let me tell you what I got done today since 8 AM.

8:00 – drank the coffee. Woke up the kids. Changed their diapers. Got them dressed. Fed them. Cleaned up after them. Put away clean dishes. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Washed out the sink. Wiped off the counter tops.

9:00 – Changed the kid’s diapers again. Picked up toys from the previous night. Vacuumed. Changed the sheets in the beds and washed them. Called Mom. Took the kids outside to chalk, run and swing before it got too hot. Weeded 3 flower gardens and one vegetable garden. Hung sheets on the line.

10:00 – Brought the kids inside. Swept kitchen floor. Moved fridge and cleaned floor. Brought sheets in from the line and folded them. Posted 50-ish pictures to Facebook.

11:00 – Called wheelchair vendor to verify some information. Called hospital to verify some information. Called pediatrician to verify some information. Called Hanger (Orthotics clinic) to verify some information. Called wheelchair vendor back to finalize information. (side note: They all had to ask me to repeat myself at least once because I was talking too fast…)

12:00 – Changed diapers. Put the girls down for a nap. Collected pliers, a screwdriver, sandpaper, painting supplies, spackle and a spackle knife/scraper. Removed screws and inserts from drywall (this was NOT easy because they’ve all been in there for decades). Filled holes with spackle and scraped them clean. While that dried I mixed and poured some tan and white paint. Touched up spackled areas. Sanded down chipped paint. Touched up those areas. With paint roller, went around all tan areas of the house and touched up walls with scuff marks. Cleaned off painting tools and put away all supplies.

1:00 – Got girls up from their nap. Made lunch. Fed kids. Cleaned up after kids. Ate their leftovers. Played with kids for a little bit. Cleaned bathroom floor, sink, tub and toiletCleaned mirrors in bathroom. Re-cleaned sink and counter tops with cleaner. Thoroughly wiped down dishwasher, stove and outside of fridge. Thoroughly wiped down inside of fridge. Wiped down all cabinets and cupboards. Pulled spackle supplies and white paint back out from basement and touched up doorway between kitchen and living room (it was full of dirty hand prints and nail holes. I’ve been meaning to do that for months.)

2:00 – Re-painted back door with remainder of white paint. Took all rugs and mats outside to shake out and beat dirt off. Finally ate a real lunch (ramen…). Filled bird feeders. Wrapped a wedding shower gift. Played with kids for the remainder of the hour, changed their diapers (and put a nap time one on Buddy), then put all three down for a nap.

3:00 – Finally… FINALLY started coming down from my caffeine high but still found myself wandering around the house aimlessly.

I’m SO happy I got it all done in one day. I’ve been meaning to do all of those “above and beyond” things for months now and I just never had time or incentive to do it. I’m expecting that I’ll be passed out in the middle of the living room floor when husband gets home from work. My feet and hands kind of hurt, too…

This crash is going to be epic.

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