Accidents of the day

While I was sitting in our upstairs guest bedroom on the computer, I suddenly heard very slow and calculated steps coming up the stairs.

thump… thump

thump… thump

thump… thump

I sat still and listened for a second trying to figure out if it was Husband or Buddy. They weren’t heavy footsteps like Husband, and they weren’t Buddy’s usual pitter patter of both hands and feet scurrying up the steps.

Another couple of ‘thumps’ later I got my answer. Buddy was coming up the stairs without the use of his hands.

…or a railing.

He was completely upright and relying on his balance.

…while carrying his potty.

I jumped up quickly to grab it for him before he lost his balance. Then I heard sloshing. Buddy had carried his potty, full of potty, up the stairs. I grimaced and looked at the recently newly carpeted stairs expecting a trail of pee spots up the steps, but was surprised to find them perfectly spotless.

Then Buddy squealed excitedly to show me his ‘job well done’ and held up the potty… spilling half of it on the carpet.


(note: husband was on the couch at the bottom of the stairs. Why Buddy had to carry it up the stairs to show me instead, I don’t know.)

At least he didn’t fall down the stairs.

Oh wait, he did that already today.

Yep. we had our first ‘fall-down-the-stairs’ horror moment. In Buddy’s defense, he’s an expert stair climber. This incident happened to be Remmy’s fault. Our dog, God bless him, has absolutely no patience on the steps. He thinks it’s a race the second a foot lands on the first step. All 65 pounds of his massive muscle-toned body comes hurling out of whatever corner of the house he was previously napping in to charge full speed up a full flight of stairs in two bounds.

In this instance, I didn’t actually see it, but I heard Husband yelling at Remmy at the top of his lungs, followed by Buddy’s wailing a few seconds later. I knew it was bad for the fact that I Husband actually yelled. He’s a very calm and collected guy and rarely loses his temper. Even when he does lose his temper, he never raises his voice.

I guess what happened was Husband was going into the basement to do a P90X workout and Buddy was going down with him. When Remmy heard the footsteps, he took off running and charged down the stairs when Buddy was only halfway down the steps. Remmy knocked him down. Husband said Buddy twisted then lost his balance and fell backwards and landed on the back of his shoulder on the bottom step. Then his feet flew over his head, cranking his neck, and he landed in a pile at the bottom of the steps.

All I saw was Husband coming up the stairs with Buddy wailing in his arms. I took Buddy and he curled into me and howled while holding his poor little head. Thankfully he didn’t bite his tongue or break skin anywhere, and he didn’t break his neck!!! He just kept asking me to kiss the big goose egg on his head.

Poor guy…

dumb dog…

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