…and my B12 worries come to an end.

Last week, hell week, the girls got a blood draw to check their MMA (methylmalonic acid) levels after their appointment with their pediatric geneticist. A few months ago we started them on an oral vitamin B12 dropper. It’s exactly the same as the infant multivitamins like Poly-Vi-Sol and Tri-Vi-Sol, but it’s specifically for vitamin B12. Prior to the dropper, I had to give them daily injections of vitamin B12 to maintain their B12 and MMA levels.

Even though we checked their levels immediately after changing from the injections to the droppers and it came back normal, we wanted to check again to make sure it was still succeeding. We wanted to make sure this was a realistic long term option to replace the injections.

If their levels came back normal, we would be able to continue giving them the vitamin B12 oral drops. If their levels came back too high, we were going to have to start B12 injections again.

I’ve been hoping, praying, crossing my fingers and wishing upon a star that I didn’t have to give them injections as a long term treatment.

Today, I got a call from the Genetics Clinic to inform me that both Peanut and Bear’s levels are beautifully average. Not only do we not have to give them injections, but the fact that they only need an oral medication means they’re processing it well enough on their own! We don’t need to inject it straight into their muscles because it’s absorbing through their digestive systems!

I’m so relieved! I’m so happy!


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