uh, oh

I just posted this to my facebook wall:

I think “uh, oh” is Buddy’s new favorite word. For the last few days I’ve been hearing a chorus of “uh, oh” all through the house. While I’m happy he’s finally experimenting with new words, “uh, oh” never bodes well for my nerves.

It starts out innocently enough.  He takes his bib off and drops it on the floor and says, “uh, oh!”  and points to it for me to grab.  That’s simple enough.  Then he finishes eating and climbs out of his high chair and runs away before I can catch him and clean him.  While I’m at the kitchen sink wetting a rag I hear, “uh, oh!” in the living room.  *sigh*  I walk in and find Buddy standing over a milk puddle from his now lidless sippy cup.  As I’m cleaning that up, Buddy charges into the girl’s room and I hear a giant crash.  Moments later, Buddy pokes his head around the corner to tell me, “uh, oh!” then dissapears again.  I roll my eyes and continue cleaning up the milk.  When I don’t come right away, Buddy runs out of his sister’s room and grabs my arm repeating, you guessed it, “uh, oh.”  The longer I ignore his favorite word on repeat, the louder he gets.  Awesome.  I soak up the remainder of the milk and toss the rag in the sink and follow Buddy, now screaming “UH, OH!” at the top of his lungs, into the girls room to find evevry book, toy and picture frame sprawled on the floor.  He points to the pile proudly and looks at me smiling.  “Uh, oh.”  I shake my head and think about how I’m looking forward to when he starts saying, “Don’t worry, Mom.  I’ll clean it up.”  Kids DO say that, right?  Right?!?!

The worst past about all of this is that at least with Buddy I was blissfully ignorant of just how destructive a child can be.  Now that I have the girls, I can’t help but look at them apprehensively when they do something new and think, “uh, oh.”

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