Happy Halloween!!

I’m a little bummed about Halloween this year.  I was hoping to take the kids trick-or-treating, but after husband and I talked about it, it just wasn’t really reasonable.  The girls are 7 months and won’t know or care about candy and costumes.  Buddy is 20 months, and while he will have a lot of fun running around, he won’t really care about getting the candy either.  Plus, chances are he will eventually get sick of his costume and try to rip it off.  We decided we’d give it a go next year when Buddy will REALLY get it, and the girls will be big enough to at least enjoy a nice wagon ride around town for a couple of hours.  (Maybe I’ll have the stroller figured out by then…)

Although husband and I won’t be taking the kids out trick-or-treating this year, I still can’t help but get a little excited.  I have always loved Halloween.  I think that, next to Christmas, this is the best holiday to decorate for.  You can go the holiday route and go with pumpkins, cobwebs, giant spiders and bats and black, yellow and orange lights.  Or you could go the seasonal route and decorate with hay bales, corn stalks, gourds and pumpkins, scarecrows and go for a more natural setting.  OR you could go with both!!  I’m a fan of both.  I go natural outside, and holiday inside.  Decorating alone gets me all excited, but then there’s the trick-or-treating, the annual scary movies on tv and of course the CANDY!  It seems like, whether or not you get trick-or-treaters, everyone goes out to buy a bag of candy.  Husband went the cheap route and bought snickers and twix knockoffs called Jive bars and Racer bars.  I couldn’t help but laugh when he showed me.  He laughs too and says, “Kids are gonna see this and go, ‘What the heck is THIS crap?!'”  Personally I kind of hope we don’t get any trick-or-treaters… more for me!

Pumpkins are another favorite part of the holiday for me.  I have ALWAYS loved carving pumpkins.  I used to just make the faces in the pumpkin, but lately I’ve been trying to get more creative and do a little more detailed carving.  This year they all turned out pretty good!  I’m the proud new creator of a werewolf, Elmo and a scene from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.  I think each pumpkin got progressively better after I got a little practice in.  By pumpkin #3 I decided I wanted to try to make one of those glowing scenes you always see.  I wanted to do Jack Skellington’s face from ‘TNBC’ but then I saw something online very similar to what I carved in the last picture.  I got gutsy ad thought I’d give it a try.  I think it turned out really good!

Werewolf (pumpkin #1)

Elmo (pumpkin #2)

Nightmare Before Christmas (pumpkin #3)

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