A few updates

Ok, ok.  I know I haven’t been on to post a new blog in a little bit.  You’ll have to forgive me.  I’ve been a little bit busy, and I sort of… aaaaah… forgot my password.

Terrible memory aside, I have a few new updates.

Out of town visitors:

My sister and her boyfriend (Of I think almost two years??  Take into consideration we’re going off of my memory here…) came to visit us from Philly!  I’ve never actually met him.  He’s pretty cool, and he was incredibly doting on all three of the kids which was nice.  I’m glad I finally got to meet him.  My sister has lived far beyond reasonable driving distance from me for years now so I don’t get to see her all that often.  She recently lived in Arkansas.  Her boyfriend is from Philly.  So the chances of seeing her was slim, the chances of seeing him was next to impossible.  This summer she moved to Philly to be with him (cue the “awwwwww”)  and they’ve been busy setting things up together in their house.  So they came to Wisconsin this past weekend on business and I just so happened to be in the neighborhood.  Erm, well, 5 hours from where they were going…  BUT they so kindly came to visit husband and I for a long weekend once they finished their business.  This was actually the first time sister got to see the girls so it was a pretty fun visit!  My sister, her boyfriend and I all went to the Milwaukee county Zoo one afternoon.  Don’t feel bad for husband, he’s been sick and hates the zoo anyway.  (Bad childhood memories… on field trips there he had to bring a bag lunch and always got his sandwich smashed and they always went when it was freezing cold and he had to fill out worksheets.  It apparently ruined it for him… * eye roll*)   The zoo was a really fun time and all three of the kids came home with a new stuffed animal from sis and BF.  I’m really glad they came to visit.  I finally got to introduce the girls to her, and I got to meet the infamous awesome boyfriend!


This past Monday (Oct 10th) she got a new set of neon pink casts on.  OMG now that she’s twice as big as the last time she had casts she’s so dang heavy now!  Those things are not light!  This was exactly two weeks after surgery.  We had her in splints for those two weeks until the swelling went down around the incision.  Then we put her in the new casts for a week.  I’m going back next Monday to take off those casts and check the incision and make sure she’s healing ok.  Normally we wouldn’t do it that fast, but she started bleeding again when we removed the splints.  We decided it’s better safe than sorry.  Still though I hate making these trips all the time and I hate putting her through all of this.  We’re so close to being done with her feet though.  Or, at least the big stuff.  After this it will be lots of stretching and she will be in a brace for awhile.  I’m cool with the brace, I’m so done with casts and splints!  I’m sure Peanut is even more “so done” with them than I am!

Buddy and potty training:

After a week we decided to put potty training on hiatus.  He understands it and he really wants to do it, but his body just isn’t there yet.  He had a number of spontaneous leaks that would catch him completely off guard.  He would start crying and wouldn’t look at me because he was upset or embarrassed.  He clearly knew he had to go on the potty, but it just came out of nowhere.  Husband and I figured we’d completely remove the potty for the time being and try again after the holidays.  Hopefully he’ll have better bladder control by then.  He got it like 50% of the time and really liked it, so I didn’t want it to become a discouraging process by pressuring him and making him upset when he missed.  Either way he did amazingly well for 19 months old!  I have high hopes for spring.

The kids and fall:

Buddy jumped in his first leaf pile this past week!  He technically has experienced leaf piles before, but he was only a few months old so I don’t count that.  Just like I’m not counting the snow last year either.  He can actually play in it this year so I’m totally excited to make a snowman and snow forts and things with him!  I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing with the girls over winter though while I’m out with Buddy all day.  Maybe I’ll recruit my neighbor…  Hmmm…   Back to the leaf piles.  Buddy had an awesome time!  I raked all the leaves into one giant pile in our front yard and threw him in a couple times.  Instant hit.  The girls have really been enjoying the great outdoors too.  The leaves fall off in huge waves so they come floating down around them and they’re squealing in delight.  It’s so precious!  Or at least it’s precious until I hear a massive high pitched gag and turn around to see one of the girls making THE most disgusted face while holding a sopping wet slimy leaf in their hand…  I wonder how many they’ve eaten while I wasn’t looking…

The kids enjoying fall


Oh, and here’s an awesome picture:



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