We just beat the sh!t out of our to-do list

Today is turning out to be an amazingly productive day for Husband and I.

We are bulldozing through our to-do list.  We almost simultaneously said to each other today that we wanted to work on the house.  We’re both sick of seeing the same GD things written on our marker board, untouched.  Every time I see “fix bathroom ceiling” I just get frustrated because there’s literally no end in sight for that project.

Today though, we attacked it.  We attacked it hard.

First on the list was get a new radio for the van.  The FM went out a month or two ago (funny how I literally can’t remember the difference between this month or that anymore).  It left me listening to T A L K   R A D I O.  As much as husband loves to eat his bran flakes every morning, listen to talk radio in the car, watch political shows every Sunday morning before church, go to bed at a set scheduled time and every other possible thing old people love to do on a regular basis… I DO NOT like it.  I hate talk radio.  It’s not that I’m not politically aware or don’t care about the political welfare of our state/country.  I just can’t stand listening to people debating over the radio in the car minute after boring minute.  It drives me insane.  I want to listen to music.  Unfortunately every time I have to take the kids anywhere I have no choice but to take the van because that’s the only vehicle with the ability to fit three kids in the back.  Husband, in the meantime, gets our nicer, newer car.  Our nicer, newer car with FM.  FM he doesn’t even listen to.  Can we say unfair?!  Finally today husband went to the local dump to check out some vehicles and see if there was a radio to salvage.  Unfortunately (really. seriously. unfortunate…) there wasn’t one available.  I’m stuck with good old-fashioned cds for now.  I still feel like we sort of accomplished something though.  At least we took one more step towards having a real live radio again. *sigh*

Next on the to-do list was clean the effing house.  I mean really clean it.  I have been so sick of just scraping by.  I’m so embarrassed when people come over and I’m in the process of kicking toys under the couch.  I feel like the guilty kid that got caught doing something wrong.  I know I’m not cleaning up to par, but I just don’t have the time for it.  So finally this weekend, after the kids went down for a nap, I cleaned this motherloving house until I literally couldn’t lift my arms.  It felt so. good.  I scrubbed the grime off of the stove top.  You know, the grime you don’t realize is there until you’re halfway done and you’re completely disgusted that you’ve left it this long.  I moved the fridge and stove and mopped the entire kitchen floor until my nose and eyes stung from the pine-sol goodness.  I hunted down toys from Buddy and tools from Daddy and piled them together to be put away by their respective owners (now they’re the ones with the guilty face).  I bleached the countertops and stationary cutting boards.  I washed and hung laundry out to dry that should have been washed weeks ago.  (towels, sheets etc..)  Next on my cleaning rampage was vacuuming and carpet cleaning by hand.

This is when husband came home from errand shopping with a glorious surprise that nearly made my heart stop.  He bought me a new vacuum and carpet cleaner!  I was SO HAPPY!!!  Our current vacuum is broken and mental in more way than one.  Seriously.  Oh my god.  I have to do things just-so in order to get it to actually suck.  Even when it does suck, it sucks.  (hehe… pun)  He put together the vacuum for me right away and I attacked the carpet.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was amazing.  The carpet was clean after one stroke!  Oh god.  First a dishwasher, now a functional vacuum AND a carpet cleaner.  I’m seeing stars.  I am drooling over the possible free time I’m going to have from now on!  I’m planning on attacking the carpet cleaner tonight.  I don’t doubt that will make me pee myself in excitement.  Oh the possibilities.  (I’m seriously beginning to think I’m turning into Monica from the TV show Friends.)

My two new toys!

Next on the to-do list is fix our bathroom ceiling.  Due to my, erm, possible overuse of the hot water for every single shower the ceiling started to peel.  In my defense, shower time is my only me time!  Even then husband and Buddy are always barging in.  I like a hot shower, so sue me!  I didn’t think it was hot enough to peel the paint on the ceiling!  Ugh… well, defensiveness aside, it needed fixing.  We devised what we think will be a good solution.  We peeled off the paint where it was split open and sanded it down all around each area to make sure there weren’t any bubbles we missed.  We sprayed bleach solution on the entire ceiling to kill any possible mold before it goes rampant.  THEN we primed it and we’re in the process of painting a high gloss interior/exterior moisture-resistant paint (and damn expensive so it better work!) over that.  We’re hoping it will help keep the paint from peeling again.  Either way, it looks SO MUCH better than it did before.

Next on my list is to attack the weeds getting overgrown in a couple small flower beds in the yard and clean some melted plastic out of the dishwasher that I may have accidentally put on the bottom rack.  (I’m on fire lately, right?!)

Husband wants to do something I don’t understand with the cars (which means it probably needs doing) and finally finish putting up the frames on the windows we replaced this summer.  Right now it’s a beautiful wood-on-insulation finish.  While it’s gorgeous, I’d prefer the window frames.

Another awesome thing to note, my sister is coming to visit from Philly this weekend.  She should be coming sometime this evening with her boyfriend and they’re staying for the next few days.  I’m VERY excited to spend some time with them, and I know she’s excited to finally see the girls for the first time.  (She only recently moved like 1200 miles to Philly so she’s been a tad busy herself with settling in and hasn’t had time to come see them yet.  I don’t blame her!)

Awesome. productive. day.

I should also note that Monday is when Peanut goes in for her follow-up appointment for her recent surgery.  She will be getting her casts then (she’s in temporary splints now).  What color should I get her?  They will be full leg casts.  I’m thinking bright pink suits her.  Y’all have seen her.  Do you like pink?  Or does green or blue or purple suit her?  Red?  Black?


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