Potty training, part 2

Well folks, it’s day two of potty training.  Husband-less and now mindless.  I’m a little irritated that Buddy had to pick this weekend of all times to want to dive into the world of potty training when it’s me vs. three kids.  On that same note though, I just can’t resist the possibility of one of my three kids being diaper free already!  I’m well aware it isn’t usually a three-days-and-they’re-done process, but I figure the sooner I start the better.

I’m now debating on whether or not I want to do the sticker thing.  He loves them a little too much.  Today, rather than going to the bathroom when he felt the need, he stood by his sticker board and pointed at it non-stop.  I felt like I had to keep explaining to him that he got them only after he used the potty.  Again and again and again he’d go back and ask for one without doing anything.  It feels like the purpose is defeated.

I may transition the sticker thing to good behavior or being a helper or something.  If he gives up on the demands and does what he’s supposed to I may leave it the way it is.  We’ll see where that leads me.

In the meantime, potty training was a success again today.  Right now his biggest problem is that he can’t get his pants and diaper off on his own.  He’s a very independent kid so he gets upset and discouraged when I try to help him get his pants off.  That resulted in me leaving him completely bottomless for the rest of the day.

My theory?  Let him figure out his body first.  Once he gets comfortable with his body’s cues and instinctively goes to the potty when he feels a full bladder, then we add pants and underwear to the mix.  In the meantime I need to figure out how to keep his feet, legs and butt warm.

It sounds good in my head, but we’ll see how that pans out in the real world.  There’s always the dilemma of what do we do in public and at other people’s houses too.

Speaking of other houses, what do you do then?  Is there a portable potty?  (I mean, I know they’re all pretty small and light.  But is there a smaller or lighter “travel” potty?)  I’m looking for convenience, people!  Three kids under the age of two makes convenience a necessity!

Also, I’ve been told now that training pants are a good go-to.  Does anyone have any other ideas/suggestions?

Has anyone ever had more problems with BMs than pee?  Buddy pooped on the floor three times today on accident.  He seemed like he realized he had to do his business a little too late because he would suddenly skip across the kitchen with clenched butt cheeks.   He’d stop and let out a whine and end up popping a squat on the kitchen floor.  I could tell he was clearly upset and embarrassed.  He stood there with a frown and started crying and wouldn’t look at me.  I never yelled at him and I wasn’t stern with him.  I understand this is a learning process and kids make mistakes.  (I’m just glad it was hard poop and it was on the kitchen floor!)

I’m considering putting Buddy’s potty in the kitchen in a more central location.  Is it ok to put a potty outside of the bathroom or will it lead to confusion?

Buddy really seems to enjoy this new thing though.  He gets a little more independence because this is something he can do by himself.  Because he is such an independent kid, though, he seems easily discouraged when he doesn’t do it right or can’t pee right away.  I just try to encourage him as much as I can and keep this fun for him.  I do not want this to end up being another tooth brushing thing.  He is good at first, but will fight us of with a vengeance by the end because he’s tired of it.  Following through is an issue for him sometimes.  He has the attention span of a toddler… imagine that.

I’m also hoping that husband is as on board with this as I am.  He gets home from his vacation tomorrow.  He is in on the scoop and sounded really excited that Buddy is showing such a strong interest in potty training.  If I know husband though, he’ll get just as easily discouraged as Buddy will if things don’t progress quickly.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’m wrong.  I really want to make sure to make a consistent baseline for Buddy so that whether he goes with Husband or I or even grandma and grandpa it’s the same thing.  Less changes mean less confusion!  We have the best bedtime routine in the world because we do the exact same thing every night.  He’s so tuned in to the routine that he doesn’t even question bedtime by the end of everything.  Hopefully potty training will be the same!

In the end, I’d say Buddy was about 50-60% today.  Not bad considering it was only his second day and he wasn’t pants-less the whole time.  When he had a diaper it was easier to sneak in a pee.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds!


One thought on “Potty training, part 2

  1. Hey, I thought I would offer some suggestion to consider.

    FYI diapers and pull-ups (diapers really) do prolong the process–a lot. Diapers do not allow them to feel wetness and they may be completely unaware that they are peeing or can not pee or poo voluntarily outside a diaper until their bladder or bowel is full to bursting. One they begin to recognize those muscles and again and exercise them they will gain control without needing to be full.

    Barebottomed and/or training pants (not to thick — you don’t want them to be like diapers) are the best way to help toddlers to relearn their cues (can’t not notice wet pants) and also great for the independence. To keep legs warm you can buy BabyLegs or kneesocks and cut the feet off. Long shirt. Toddlers generally are unaffected by breezy bottoms 🙂 Keep the rest of the body warm and that is fine.

    If you are going out and you are concerned about a mess and need training pants you can get ones that are waterproof or get a thin cover to put over regular ones. However, I do not recommend this if you can avoid it, it is better to set him up for success. For example, go out after a good “emptying” with pants only. See what happens–you may be pleasantly surprised. If he wets his pants change them (no harder than a diaper but gives him opportunities he wouldn’t have otherwise).

    I recommend two potties if you can. Keep one in the bathroom, and have the other one be the “roving potty”. Having two isn’t necessary but more convenient for you. It won’t cause confusion, but it will give the toddler a fighting chance to make it to the potty even in the middle of a miss 🙂 Encourage the potty use in the bathroom by taking him to go with you or your DH when you go (for example, . when first waking up in the morning is a great time to start). Let him witness the whole process from pants, to wiping, to handwashing so that he knows what to mimic and that everyone does it.

    FYI, I am not a fan of rewards for pottying. I personally don’t think it is necessary to reward for doing a daily body function, kwim? Approval and descriptive praise, IMO is reward enough (such as, “I see you tried really hard to get to the potty that time! Let’s clean up.” or “Look at all that pee in the potty! Help me flush it.”

    We used the potette plus travel potty as our toilet insert (small and easy to take). We don’t use the bag inserts–I find them wasteful and it is unsanitary to put poop and pee in the trash even in public cans. It fits on ALL toilet seats. We also have the primo — but it is not as comfortable or sturdy but it folds flat and very very small. I do not have the My Carry Potty, but I’ve heard good things about it — however, it is not as small..

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