Potty time!

Buddy is such a positive reinforcement lover.  Last week I bought some sparkly $1 frog stickers to use as a prize every time he told me he had to potty or he had a dirty diaper.  Basically anything that acknowledges his #1 and #2.  I made a sticker board and put it up in the bathroom.  Every time he tells me, he gets a sticker to put on the board.

Since getting the stickers last week he got two of them for letting me know he went peepee in his diaper.  Then last night I decided to sit him on his potty while we waited for the tub to fill for his bath.  I figured he was standing there naked anyway so why not.  (side note: He knows what it’s for.  He peed in it one other time, but hasn’t tried using it since.)  I sat watching him while the water filled, then the miracle happened.  He peed!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  I cheered and danced and gave him a high-five, then I ran to grab his stickers.

He LOVED the sticker board.  He loved it so much that he went into fit mode when I told him he had to use the potty to get more.

Today, around 6:00 he walked up to me and pointed to his diaper.  I asked if he had to go potty and he yelled “Yeah!” and ran into the bathroom.  I followed him and saw him pull his potty out from under the sink and set it down.  He pointed to his diaper again.  I pulled his pants down and took off his diaper and stepped back to watch him.  I couldn’t believe he had it figured out already since yesterday.  Especially since he didn’t go for it most of the day so far.

He turned on the spot and plopped down.  About 30 seconds after sitting down he peed!  This counts for #3 using the potty, two of which happened yesterday and today!  We did our usual happy dance and he got another sticker.  He was so excited and kept going back to the bathroom to look at his sticker board.

About ten minutes after he peed he came back up to me and pointed to his diaper again.  I asked if he had to go pee pee and he ran back into the bathroom.  I took his pants back off and his diaper back off.  He turned, sat and started grunting and groaning and getting red in the face.  I heard the teensiest sound of spray.  He got up and pointed to the potty proudly, turned on the spot, and pointed to his sticker board.  *ahh haaa…*

Laughing, I went and got him yet another sticker.

I warmed up some leftovers for dinner and we sat down to eat.  Halfway through I heard Buddy whine.  I looked over to find him pointing at his diaper… again.  I went and got the potty nd brought it into the kitchen.  If he caught on like I thought he did I figured I’d just leave it in the kitchen.  I took off his pants again and I took off his diaper again (still dry for an hour and a half!) and he plopped down.  This time he had a full bladder, it wasn’t a fake pee for a sticker.

After dinner, you guessed it, he had to pee again.  this time with no luck.  Buddy seemed a little discouraged that he didn’t get a sticker, but I figured it was a good chance for him to see that he gets them only when he uses the potty.

At this point I just left him bare-bottomed.  He seemed to be going pretty consistently and I had yet to pay attention to the girls because Buddy’s potty trips were pretty time-consuming.  It was now 7:00.  I got the girl’s bottles ready and started feeding Bear.  She was about a quarter of the way through her bottle and Buddy came up and announced he had to use the potty.  I told him a few times to go use it but he wouldn’t go without me.

I put Bear down and moved the potty to an area in the kitchen where he could see me in both the living room and the kitchen.  I went back to the living room and sat on another couch so he could see me.  He stood next to the potty, seeming like he really had to go because he was doing a little dance and was whining.  I told him to sit on the potty and he dove on.

He sat there chatting with me for a good four or five minutes while I was feeding Bear.  Finally he got up and turned and looked in the potty.  He just stood there staring.  I wasn’t sure if that meant he peed and was staring at it, or if he didn’t pee and was trying to magic some in there so he ould get a sticker.  When I finished feeding Bear I walked over to check out the damage.

He pee and pooped!  this kid was on fire!!  I gave him a big hug and kiss and we did another happy dance together.   He got two more stickers. 🙂

By the time bedtime came he had used the potty a whopping seven times in two hours.  I think he can hold it, but he knows he’s getting stickers so he just goes at the first sign of having to go.  I’m not sure if he’s actually ready to truly potty train or if he’s just loving this positive reinforcement, but either way today was an enormous step in the right direction!

I’m amazed at how quickly he took to using the potty with some stickers.  I only wish he picked a weekend that husband wasn’t gone to start it.  I really want to get him some pull ups so I don’t have to keep getting stuff on and off, but I just don’t have the incentive to go shopping with three kids and no help.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings, if he forgets, like I’m expecting, then I won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

If he stays on this path… I’m just getting chills thinking about it!

3 thoughts on “Potty time!

    • Good to know! I looked at your blog and noticed you’re a potty training pro! I feel like I stumbled onto a goldmine of useful information! Buddy has suddenly shown interest in potty training out of nowhere and I’m a little behind on my ‘studying’ so I’m not as learned as I wanted to be. I have a feeling I’ll be scouring your blog for the next few days.

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