It’s only 3:20?!

Buddy, Bear and Peanut went down for a nap at noon today.  I decided to take advantage of that time to re-organize their closets that are currently packed full of so much crap I can hardly get to anything.  I figured if they all can sleep through each others crying and whining my rummaging won’t keep them up.  I was so right.  I did the girl’s closet first and I smashed, banged and possibly cursed a few times and the girls just dozed happily through it all.

Once the girl’s closet was sparkling clean I went through their clothes.  They’re suddenly growing so fast that I think they’re finally starting to fit into their actual month size rather tha their usual 2 month delay.  I ended up getting rid of two heaping armfuls of clothes that I knew was getting too tight on the girls.  It’s funny how hard it is to get rid of clothes that you’ve become so attached to.  I sat there debating for a good ten minutes over 3 or 4 onesies that I just absolutely adore.  In the end common sense conquered my heart.  Damn common sense…

I decided to climb into the attic and pull out the next two boxes of clothes I had set aside.  3-6 month and 9 month.  The girls are closing in on 7 months fast and I figured I’d just store the 9 month box in their now shockingly empty closet to save some effort later.  While up there I also grabbed out their 0-12 month tote that I’m putting all their old clothes in.  Come to find out it’s nearly full already after only six months.  That’s the downside of twins… especially two girls.  You have WAY too much clothes for your (and their) own good.  On the bright side when we finally decide we’re officially 100% done having kids that’s gonna be one hell of a garage sale.

Once I opened the 3-6 month box, my heart’s suffering from getting rid of my favorite onesies eased up immediately.  I saw clothes that I had already completely forgotten about that I was so excited for them to fit into.  Yes!  There are like 4 or 5 of some of the most beautiful knit button-up sweaters I’ve ever seen.

Like perfect timing, Peanut woke up from her nap an hour later. (yes that all only took an hour!  I’m feeling super productive!)  Buddy and Bear were still sleeping so I decided to take advantage of this rare one-on-one time and play with her.  We were about ten minutes into the adorable squealfest when Remmy decided to join in on the fun.  I had no chance.

Lately he has really taken to the girls like I have never seen before with any dog.  He liked Buddy, but he was literally a puppy when Buddy was born so they have more of a mutual brotherly love.  Now that he’s nearly 2 years old the girls are babies.  I don’t know if he loves girls more, or if he’s feeling a surge of overprotective-big-brother, but he’s so incredibly doting on the girls now.  When he’s inside, he’s almost always near them.  He licks them affectionately once or twice (resulting in a giant dennis-the-menace colic in their hair) and curls up around, or next to them.  The girls, in turn, absolutely A-DORE him.  They see him and smile now.  He comes and lays by them and they immediately are reaching out and pulling on every inch of him they can get their hands on.  Including his tongue.  All the while he just lays there, periodically giving them kisses and watching them and happily taking the abuse.

When Peanut was done beating up on Remmy I grabbed her up and we headed into the kitchen where I had set aside yet another box.  She went in her high chair and started snacking on some Cheerios for the first time ever, and I attacked the box of fall decorations.  She is such a doll!  This is her first real solid food and she just keeps making the funniest faces and pushing it around.  When it’s finally mushy enough she’ll swallow it and I’ll hold up another one.  Right when she sees it she throws her hands up and opens her mouth and squeals.  I guess that means yes!  I’m glad she finally likes something.  She’s the pickiest baby I’ve ever met!  (Too bad for her I don’t tolerate picky eating..)

Now I’m just waiting for some cabbage to finish boiling so I can make cabbage rolls for dinner, then once Buddy wakes up I’m gonna tackle his closet.

It’s only 3:20 PM.  Quite the productive day!  I don’t know where I got this surge of energy (I felt like crap this morning) but I’m glad I’m finally getting some of these things done on my to-do list!

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