Peanut’s busy yet rewarding day at Children’s

I got home about an hour ago from Children’s Hospital with Peanut.  It was a very overwhelming day, but a very worthwhile day.

Yesterday I wouldn’t have guessed I’d have spent the majority of my day today at Children’s.  I feel like it’s becoming my second home.  While at the girl’s six month well baby appointment I mentioned that I was a little concerned about Peanut’s legs.  They have always seemed a little swollen and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.  In turn, her Pediatrician suggested that I get an ultrasound done on her legs to look at the circulation.  She said she’d schedule an appointment at Children’s for me.  Later that evening she called and said she got me in at 10 AM the next day.

I went to bed fairly early and annoyed.  I hate last-minute appointments down there because, A.) I’m a perfectionist so I like to have plenty of time to prepare myself.  and B.) because it’s nearly impossible to find a babysitter so quickly without imposing on someone else.

I woke up early and got myself and all of the kids ready.  The neighbor kindly offered to watch Bear and Buddy for me.  I love her.  I asked her what she wanted for compensation and she laughed and said nothing.  When I refused to let her leave without something she finally admitted she had been eyeing up my flower garden and really liked my Black eyed Susans.  She asked if she could have some next spring.  I laughed.  She wanted my wildflowers as payment for not only this time, but every other time… wildflowers that were probably going to spread like weeds and I’d end up treating as such once they spread out of the garden.

I got to Children’s and went to radiology.  The receptionist recognized me and I blew past the entrance counter… enough said.

I checked in and we headed back to the ultrasound.  It took an hour and Peanut fell asleep after a little fussing.  They said they’d call our Pediatrician and tell her the results once they found out.  Easy peasy.

Afterwards I headed to Neurology for Peanut’s next last-minute exam.  I talked to one of the nurses in that clinic last night and told her I’d be in the building and she jumped on the opportunity and made an appointment for a neurological exam.  Much like a physical exam except looking for certain reactions to sensations and things.  Sine the neuromuscular doctor left our hospital Peanut was seen by a Fellow and an Attending.  Both of which are highly regarded in the neurology clinic.

**note:  In a teaching hospital there’s three levels of doctors:
– Residents are the post-graduate “students” in training.  He/she reports to the attending or Fellow.
– Fellows are the next step up.  They have completed a fellowship program and are more specialized.  They can be physicians assistants, professors etc..
– Attendings are the “boss”.  They’re the Physician in charge and have final say in most, if not all, cases.

The Attending decided to step in on Peanut’s case until the next neuromuscular doctor was found.  This made me really happy because he made sure to keep Peanut from slipping through the cracks in their hiatus period.  We talked extensively about possible future plans regarding her condition.  They were both awesome.

While I was in neurology, Orthopedics somehow heard I was there and called and asked that I stop into their clinic before I leave.  This was totally unplanned and I was a little scared that they had some kind of bad news for me on the upcoming procedure.

I headed down there and when I got to the desk I said, “I, uh, was asked to come with Peanut??”  The nurse, who usually has that blank look of boredom as she filed paperwork, immediately perked up and got big eyes.  “OH!”  Another nurse behind her said, “He said to get him no matter where he is!” and a third hopped up and skipped around the corner to search for “him”.  “We’ll be with you right away.”  “Uh, okay…”  I felt like I was checking into the Mafia Clinic.  Three fingers and a broken leg are acceptable payment methods.

Literally 30 seconds later they called me back and I was taken into a room and they said The Ortho Attending will be with me shortly.  I only had the chance to unbuckle the car seat and he was in the room.  He sat down and said, “I heard you had a concern bout some swelling.  I wanted to make sure to take a look at her myself before Monday.”

Come to find out he had one of his nurses look at Peanut’s chart today and they saw she had something done and was in the process of another.  When he realized why we were here he got worried and wanted to make sure everything was okay himself.  He assessed her legs and said he was confident there wouldn’t be a problem with her, and asked if I had any questions.  When I said no he was back out the door in a blur.  I looked at the nurse with a, “Uhh, did he really go out of his way just for that?”.  The nurse gave me a knowing, “Yeah, she just got special treatment.” look.

Let me explain why this little one-on-one is completely and utterly unheard of.

The Attending that is in charge of Peanut also happens to be a professor and the head of the entire Ortho Clinic.  He is so busy that he’s usually double booked most of every day.  He oversees almost all surgeries and major cases.  This guy is the shit.  He not only manages to keep up with his crazy hectic schedule, but he confidently remembers all of his patients and their disabilities/injuries.

I was impressed that he wanted to make sure that Peanut was okay in the midst of all his craziness.  After I left his office I realized that I now have the top Attendings on Peanut’s case in Orthopedics, Genetics and now Neurology.  It’s really a comfort knowing that she’s got some of the brightest minds of Children’s hospital all concerned about her.  I guess they’ve all emailed each other extensively about her case too.  It’s really heartwarming to know that I have her future in such worthy and experienced hands.

On my way home I got a call from the Pediatrician’s office to find out that Peanut’s ultrasound came out normal and she’s totally fine.  SO FAST!  Normally results of any kind takes like 24 to 48 hours.  I got home to find the dog calmly hanging out with the neighbor, Buddy playing quietly on the floor and Bear napping.  Again, unheard of.

I’m glad that I got a lot of this done all in one trip, but I’ll be damned if they manage to get me back down there one more time before the surgery.


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