Awesome day

All in all today was a pretty awesome day.

I woke up feeling refreshed AND didn’t need coffee which is rare.

I got through my basic housework of dishes, laundry, sweeping etc. with little to no effort which is rare-er.

I made it through the morning feeding/diapering rush without incident which is rare-er-er.

I was so pleased with my morning that I decided to tackle the moldy to-do list.  I say moldy because it’s a list of things that I don’t necessarily have to do but I know I should, therefore these tasks are left undone for months.  In one case, almost two years.

My Dad passed away in late ’09 and I became the executor of his Estate.  After initially going through his paperwork and getting out what I needed, I left the rest of his paperwork in a number of boxes to file on a later date.  Why did it take me nearly two years to do this?  My Dad, unfortunately, saved ev-ery-thing he got his hands on when it came to paperwork.  I mean everything.  He had his taxes from ’87…

Today, I manned up and tackled it.  In hindsight I’m not surprised I got through it within a few hours.  Most of the paperwork was so old I didn’t have to look twice.  I’m SO happy I finally got rid of that weight on my shoulders!

I also wanted to bring our second high chair up from the basement and clean it off.  It was full of spiders and what I thought were merely cobwebs.  As I was carrying the seat up the stairs I realized those were fully fledged spider webs because monster sized spiders dashed across the seat RIGHT under my hand.  Now, I don’t scream, but I do flail.  I flail wildly and passionately.  More than once I dropped the chair and skipped up a few steps and threw myself into what looked like a professional Lindy Hop while swearing like a banshee.  It’s not that I’m afraid of spiders themselves.  What scares me is the fact that they come scuttling out of nowhere dashing right at my hands!!!

On the third attempt I got the seat upstairs and washed it off.  I reorganized the kitchen a little to fit two high chairs and a kitchen table comfortably in there.  I have to say it looks awesome, and it was worth facing man-eating spiders. 😉

Next I decided to tackle the never-ending game of pickup.  I started downstairs and made my way upstairs and completely cleaned every single room down to every last speck of dust.  (I did this during nap time so I could at least savor the cleanliness for an hour before it all got ripped apart and spit up on by the kids.)  I literally moved furniture and vacuumed under it and everything.  It was awesome.

When I made my way upstairs, I got on all fours and looked under the first bed in the guest room, aka playroom.  Goldmine!!!  I found one of Buddy’s missing socks!  I was pretty pumped, especially considering I get OCD about mismatched and partner less socks.  I got on my belly and looked further under the bed.  There was ANOTHER missing sock from one of the girls!!!  “Aww, YEAH!”  To top it off, in Buddy’s room I came across one of the two missing sippy cups!

I finished up and got the now awake and hungry Buddy out of his crib.  I started warming up leftovers for Buddy and called him into the kitchen to come eat.

This, ladies and gentleman, was the highlight of my day.  Buddy came walking into the kitchen with the container of honey that he took to his unplottable, unreachable unknowable hiding place in the house a few weeks ago.  I was so upset when I discovered he took the honey because I have recently fallen in love with tea, but I can’t have tea without honey!

Buddy got an extra cookie for bringing me back my honey. 🙂

Later today husband came home and announced he was going to go grocery shopping today and asked if I wanted to go.  I said I’d hang back with the kids and get dinner ready and asked that he get me some hot chocolate.  (For those of you that don’t know… I have an unhealthy and almost dangerous love for hot chocolate during the cold winter months.)  I also requested soda.

Husband came home with a 12 pack of grape soda (one of my secret favs) and not one, but TWO containers of double mocha and french vanilla cappuccino!  The rich version of hot chocolate.  Oh baby!  I’ve already gotten into the cappuccino. (Which is why I’m still wide awake at 11:30 PM…)  What an awesome husband!

I also won this week in my fantasy football league.  🙂

Maybe tomorrow I’ll find the second sippy cup!


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