The results are in!

Quick note to those of you who have been following Peanut and Bear’s tests…

B12 – The results came back from the second blood draw.  They’re NORMAL!  To give you an idea of where they’re at, the acceptable range is between 0.0-.40.  The first draw indicated that Peanut was less than .10 and Bear was .11.  The second test a week later after just giving oral B12 drops indicated that Peanut was now at .11 and Bear was at .15.  They both went up a little bit over a weeks time, but they were still well within the acceptable range which is awesome.  I’m waiting for a second call from the Geneticists office to decide where to go from here.  I personally have a feeling what we’ll end up doing is continuing the drops and doing another blood draw after a month has gone by and see where they’re at from there.  If that’s still good then test after a longer period and a longer period… If it’s too high we’ll probably have to do injections again, but so far it’s looking promising!!

Paralysis – Last week I took Peanut to get an MRI done on her lower spine to look for ANY defects.  That also came back normal!  On one hand I’m very very happy that her spine is in perfect condition, on the other I’m a little disappointed that she is still a mystery.  I was hoping to find something so we could move forward.  The “normal” result came from their radiologist that looked at the MRI.  Neurology (The department that ordered the MRI) is going to have one of their specialists look at it next to see if they can find something on the neurological side that a radiologist wouldn’t have known to look for.  They told me that regardless of whether they find something or not, it will probably be pretty miniscule in the big picture.  If the radiologist didn’t find anything major then the biggest “scary things” are already out of the question as far as they’re concerned.  (Which is a relief for me at least)  Now the doctors and specialists are putting their heads together to decide what to do next.  They said to be completely honest they’re not sure if they’ll ever be able to figure out how it happened or why she can’t move her legs.  The positive side though is that she hasn’t shown any signs of degeneration.  That’s the best we can hope for at this point.

Overall things are looking up!  I’m a little bummed we haven’t gotten very far in 6 months, but I understand these things don’t just figure themselves out overnight.  I’m willing to bet it’ll be a few years before we’re really headed in any direction at all.

In the meantime, we keep on enjoying life to the fullest!


2 thoughts on “The results are in!

  1. I’m so happy to hear! While I know it’s frustrating to not have an actual answer, it’s so great to hear that everything with her spine looks fine. I’m not patient either, but I will pray for patience and the answers you need.

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