Happy half birthday girls!

Today marks Peanut and Bear’s six month birthday!  It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since I delivered those two itty bitty little beautiful girls.  Peanut was a mere 5 lb 1 oz, and Bear was 6 lb 5 oz.  Both were 18 inches.  It’s just crazy to think that they used to be that small.  They were so fragile and gentle.  Looking at them now, they’ve got such spunky personalities and they’re so active!  Six months really has flown by so fast.  They’re just so big already!  I can’t believe in a couple short months they’ll be cutting teeth!!!

Last year when Buddy’s six month ‘birthday’ came we were in Colorado visiting family.  They had bought him a really cute 4’x5′ blanket and a ton of clothes and toys and knickknacks.  Soon that blanket and one of the stuffed animals became his lovies.  Since then, he’s always slept with them and loves snuggling them.

Since Buddies gifts went over so well I decided that I’d give the girls something for their six month milestone too.  Something that would eventually be their lovies as well.

Having twins is awesome because you can get really creative with matching mismatched things.  I like to get similar looking things, but keep them different enough to acknowledge their different personalities.  As luck would have it, the store I went to had two awesome animal-print fleece fabrics.  Different but similar.  Perfect!  I got some fabric and grabbed a couple knickknacks and toys on my way out.  I also pulled out two stuffed animals that were gifted to them awhile back that I think will be fitting lovies in the future.

I spent last night pinning together the blankets, then I sewed them today.  No matter how often I sew things it always amazes me how time-consuming a simple blanket can be!  (Though part way into the first blanket I realized how stupid the stitch I picked looked and I had to cut it all out and start over..)

Hopefully they’ll like their gifts as much as Buddy liked his at the time!  Happy six months girls!!!

Bear (left) and Peanut (right) enjoying their gifts


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