Awesome reference

Peanut and Bear have always been under the 25th percentile for weight and height.  Considering they’re twins it’s appropriate for their overall size, but it’s still obviously pretty small.  Because of this I’m at my pediatrician’s office fairly often to do weight checks to make sure they’re keeping up.  The annoying thing is that it takes so much time out of my day to constantly be making trips to the office to do a weight check.

Today I finally stumbled upon an awesome growth chart website.  It’s got percentile charts for weight, length and head circumference.  You just have to enter in your child’s current info and voila!  You’ve got a percentile!

You’ll notice a “unit” tab where you can change their measurements between standard and metric etc…

Growth Charts

All I need now is an infant scale and I’m done with clinic visits for weight checks!!
*The question now is where do I find an infant scale…*


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