my self-napping miracle child

I was just outside with the kids burning some old paperwork in our fire pit.

Buddy would periodically come by me and sit on my lap and help me stir it up to keep the flames going, then go over and throw the ball for Remmy.  Finally he came and stood next to me and started rubbing his eyes really obviously and whining.  He was ready for a nap.

“Are you ready for a nap Buddy?”

He turned on a dime and started trotting through our backyard to the house.  We got in the door and he immediately leaned over and took off his Velcro sandals and put them on the shoe rack.  He led me to the fridge and pointed at it.  I opened it and he put his sippy up with water in the fridge, then closed the door.  He led me to his sister’s room and pointed at his blanket.  I wrapped it around him.  He took the blanket in one hand, and my hand in the other and took me to the stairs and had me help him up the stairs to his bedroom.  He let go of my hand and ran into the guest room to collect his favorite napping stuffed animal and headed for his room.  He casually walked over to his crib and pointed at the pillow and looked up at me.  I put him in his crib with his arms full of blanket and stuffed animals.  He put them where he wanted them, pulled his blanket up and laid down on the pillow quietly.

I haven’t heard a peep from him.

Wow do I wish all nap times were this easy!!!

I looked outside periodically, and both of the girls fell asleep on the blanket under the tree too.  Maybe I’ll go grab a book and join them.  Now if only I could have a book with self turning pages, and a self filling wine glass I’d be golden!


2 thoughts on “my self-napping miracle child

    • I think it’s partially because I get too busy to put them to sleep myself! They’re probably like, “FU Mom, I’ll just do it myself!” *HUFF!* As far as the wine glass, I’ll make it happen if it kills me.

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