Hell Week: Day 4

I’m technically on day 5 now, but I thought I’d share my day 4 experience.

Husband decided to join me for my workout.  Since college husband hasn’t really worked out at all.  At one point he randomly decided to start P90X and killed it.  But when the girls were born he didn’t have time to keep on a daily schedule with it and had to bail.  This was a good opportunity for him to get a little exercise in too.

I was excited to spend an entire day biking around our county with the family.  It was a nice change to the grueling workouts I had been putting myself through to this point.  Er, *ahem* all three days of it anyway…  I’d say once a week we go biking for a few miles on a bike path near our house and turn around go home after half an hour.  Normally that’s 5-6 miles round trip.

We didn’t know how far I’d be able to go, so we decided to go as far as I felt I could handle then turn around.  He was fine with whatever, and deep down we both knew he could easily out-bike me anyways.

We packed up a little lunch and strapped all the kids in their respective bike trailers and headed out.

We went at a nice easy pace for me since I was pulling a trailer this time and I wanted to make it farther than 5-6 miles for once.  We hit the normal point that I normally want to turn around and I still felt great so we kept going.  We laughed and joked and talked about nothing in particular and I kept puttering along on my bike.

Before I knew it we were in the neighboring town, seven miles from home.  *whoops..*  I suddenly realized my legs were getting a bit tired too at this point.  We went through town to a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and parked the crew for some lunch.

When I sat down to feed Bear I realized my legs were a lot more tired than I thought.  The wind seemed to be pretty strong too…  *uh oh*

It dawned on me that I had gone way too far.  The wind had been blowing with us so I was feeling so good because it was pushing us along.  Now I had to bike seven miles back home straight into the wind.

I stood up to stretch out a bit.  I was so stiff.  I had forgotten to stretch out before the long bike.  I stretched, massaged and pulled all the muscles I could until the kids started whining.

Husband said we should probably get going.  The sooner we start the sooner we’d get up the hill.  *oh god… the hill.*  I had completely forgotten about it!  After we go 6 of the 7 miles there’s a huge hill right at the end we’ll have to get up.  (I struggle on it on our short bikes.)

Up until this point they had all fallen asleep from the rocking of their trailer.  Now they were awake and had just eaten so they were antsy to do something.  We had no choice but to face the wind.    Husband was even apprehensive about the ride back.  Between the wind, the hill, and our antsy kids we were in store for a nasty seven mile bike.

From the instant our feet touched the pedals the wind blasted in our faces so loud that we couldn’t hear each other unless we yelled.  I was doubled over on my bike fighting to push through the wind and pull the giant brick wall behind me that was the girls and their trailer.

Husband wasn’t doing much better than me at this point.  That made me feel kinda good actually that I made it as long as him so far.  (though I was clearly worse off)

It was very very slow progress, but we eventually made it to the hill.  At the base of the hill I seriously considered getting off and walking up.  I reminded myself that it was technically my workout though and kept at it.  I turned down to a really low gear and creeped up the hill.  Husband was only a short distance ahead of me struggling as well.  *a little less than a mile… almost done… almost done…*

When we got to the top of the hill our house wasn’t much farther away.  I was so relieved.  Eventually we pulled into the driveway and slowed to a gradual stop.  My ass felt chafed and bruised, my whole body was dripping with sweat and my legs could hardly support my weight.  I felt awful.

Then it hit me.  I just biked 14 miles.  That’s easily the farthest I’ve biked this year and I did it during hell week.  Not only that, but I was pulling over 40 pounds between the girls and the trailer.  I looked at the time.  We were only gone 2 1/2 hours.  Much less than I thought it would have taken by this point!!


I looked past my immediate pains and realized how amazing I felt already after 4 days of intense working out.  My body was jumping right back into the new fitness regime as if I had never stopped.  I was so proud of myself for what I accomplished yesterday, and to celebrate I attacked a big bowl of ice cream and watched a movie with husband.  (Hey, don’t judge until you do it too.)


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