At last, the saying ‘double trouble’ is starting to sink in

Peanut and Bear are getting to that age where they start, well… doing stuff.  Gone are the days of half-day-long naps and quiet non-wiggling snuggling.  Long gone are the days of being able to (mostly) quietly go about your daily .  Why, you ask?  Because separation anxiety is beginning.  The second you go out of view your baby cries in desperation, only to immediately stop when you come back into view.

I can only refer to this as *that* age where your infant somehow manages to become more needy and less able to cope with it on their own.  You have to be in view always, and interacting with them at their every demand.

Peanut and Bear are getting to be very aware of the world around them and they’re two of the mot curious babies I’ve ever encountered.  Either that or their brother was a total wallflower.  Buddy is a really observant and curious kid.  As a baby he loved to sit back watch the world around him.  The girls however want to get involved.  Jump now, and ask questions later.

If they can’t get involved they get pissed.  They already watch their brother, their dog and I everywhere we go and have to be in the same room. They love to go outside and try to grab flowers and leaves and pull at bark on our birch tree.  Anything they can get their hands on they’re all over it.

They’re both very sociable and will coo and smile at almost everyone.  Bear especially.  Peanut is more serious, but she’s even coming around and getting to love the spotlight as much as her sister.

As much as I enjoy their continuing development there are some things that deep down I wish would never change.

Bottle feeding has turned into a one-on-one struggle of wits and determination.  The girls push the nipple in every which direction, pull at the rag tucked under their chin and constantly wiggle in excitement.  Pretty soon they’re precariously balanced on my knee with one hand as I’m picking up the rag they tore off with the other and trying to hold the bottle in their mouth with my chin.  As you can imagine that’s not a very fun game for Mommy.  Daddy likes it even less.

Of course, because we dislike it so much they love it.  They laugh every time I pull their arm out of their face, and push their hand off of the bottle.  I scowl deeper and they smile wider.  Dad growls, and they giggle.  (I can only imagine the havoc these two will cause when they’re old enough to conspire against us!)

“Stop smiling and drink your bottle!”  has been heard from both husband and I’s mouth many many times lately.  You’d think we’d appreciate having such happy babies.  I think that had we had one baby we’d be cool with it.  But when you’ve got two easily excitable babies to feed and little patience it’s not all that great.

The hardest part is getting their little tongues to stop wiggling to one side or the other in their mouth.  It’s seriously a game for Bear.  She smiles and flicks her tongue in every direction but forward so the bottle won’t sit right.  She loves this.

It’s this little tongue game that has inspired me.  The girls are at an age where their little deviant tongues can do more than go forward and back and therefore can possibly start making attempts at…

A spoon.

Yep.  I gave it a try today.  Spoon feeding.  This single attempt has given me the full realization of the major undertaking that is ‘twins’.  Holy crap.  I don’t mind changing diapers and cleaning up spit-up.  I don’t mind waking up a ton or sleepless nights.  But… I absolutely loathe spoon-feeding.  It suddenly hit me that I now had two very squirrely girls to teach to spoon feed.  FML.

I started with Bear who seemed to have the more ‘advanced’ tongue.  She practically attacked her spoon.  She was all over it!  I would lower the spoon to her mouth and she’d kick excitedly and pant and grunt trying to get to the spoon.  AWESOME!


Peanut may be more difficult to teach this though.  She just wasn’t interested in the least in the spoon.  She choked the few times I managed to get her to keep her rice cereal in her mouth.  I think this is partially because she’s got some nasty reflux issues so she keeps her tongue pushes up to the roof of her mouth.  Too much movement and she’ll get some nasty heartburn to come up.  Poor thing…

We’ll see after another couple tries.  Honestly I would be fine with working on just Bear and letting Peanut bottle feed until she’s sitting and can keep her reflux issues at bay a little easier.  As much as I’ve liked doing everything at the same time with them, this might be the deal-breaker.

2 thoughts on “At last, the saying ‘double trouble’ is starting to sink in

    • Haha I know! Both of their personalities are really starting to show lately, and Peanut definitely is a “whatever” kid. She does not care in the least about pleasing her mother. The nerve. Bear is pretty accurate too. “NOM NOM!” Since starting teething that mouth is a little suction cup on just about anything she can get it on.

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