My perfect ‘me’ night

Last night I ate the most delicious tacos, then watched the movie Tangled with Husband.  While watching said movie husband was giving me a foot/leg rub.  When the movie was over, I promptly found ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and cued that up.  I went to the kitchen and made a giant glass of chocolate milk and chugged it down in one shot.  This was beginning to be an awesome evening for me.  It was all about me for a change.  (…and yes, my me night was watching kid’s movies and drinking chocolate milk.)  I went to each of the kid’s rooms to make sure none of them were on their belly or smashing their faces into blankets or anything.  *I’m gonna do this quickly.  As soon as I’m done, I’m gonna get back to my movie.*

When I got to Buddy’s room I accidentally woke him up.  Normally I sprint out of the room while tripping over every possible noise-making toy and cursing my bad luck.  I don’t know why I did it, but this time I stayed.  I watched him sit up with his (adorable) grumpy face.  I gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead while he rubbed his eyes and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes.  At that moment I forgot about my ‘me’ night.

I laid him back down and handed him three different favorite stuffed animals and tucked him back into his favorite blanket.  I snuggled him into as fluffy and snuggly of a position as I could.  I made sure his blanket was pulled all the way up to his chin and he looked like a little cocoon.  I started humming a song to him while I stroked his soft little cheek and waited for him to fall back asleep.  While I stood there leaning over his crib looking at him and humming, he just laid there looking up at me with his innocent little face.  After a minute he turned his head to the side and grabbed my hand.  He kissed it then snuggled his cheek into my hand and closed his eyes with a little contented sigh.

Oh My God.

I almost cried.  He’s never intentionally done that for no reason.  Normally he does it when I ask for one or he does it while body slamming me for fun.  But never that sweetly and never unprovoked.  I think that was his way of saying he loves me.

Once he fell asleep I reluctantly left and went back into the girl’s room and looked at their little faces.  I reminisced every little time they realized I was near them and their eyes lit up with joy at seeing me and they started throwing their arms in the air squealing in delight.  That’s their way of saying they love me.

This is why Mothers would do anything for their kids.  Such a little act speaks volumes.  That little act makes everything worthwhile.  These sweet, innocent kids love me unconditionally and I will never, ever stop loving them.

What a perfect ‘me’ night.


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