Rampant Rashes

There are many reasons why I’m grateful that I had three kids a year apart.  One of the main ones being the fact that my memory is honestly awful.  No matter how hard I try, no matter how many preventative measures I take, I just can’t retain short-term things.  People told me that it’s ‘pregnancy brain’ and I totally knew they were wrong.  I bathed in that excuse as long as I could before I just went back to regular old “forgetful”.  When we finally got to bring the girls home, it suddenly hit me that I actually forgot a lot of stuff that was second nature to me with Buddy.

– How many oz of water per scoop of formula.
– How long naps should ideally be.
– what the ‘good’ all-natural baby shampoo/body wash is.
– how many oz a newborn should eat.
– How much weight they gain over time.
– Where the good diaper deals could be found.

The list feels endless.

Those couple of months that I stopped doing those things it was gone, baby gone.  Thankfully, stuff was easy to retain once I remembered again.  So long as I do things on a daily basis my memory is safe.

There’s two things though that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Diaper rash and teething.

Unfortunately those two things went hand-in-hand for Buddy.  I don’t remember (surprise, surprise) but it was either me or a cousin of mine that got really bad diaper rash as a baby while teething.  If it was me, Buddy has inherited it from me.  When he started teething he got some awful diaper rashes.  I’ve heard a lot of theories about why that happens to some babies.

It sucked either way.  Seriously sucked.  For Buddy, for me, and for anyone within earshot of him because he would scream.  Oh for the love of mercy he would scream.  His rashes got so bad they’d become open sores and eventually bleed.  At least half of every month that he was teething he would have this.  When he wasn’t teething he would have the perfect little baby rump.  Kissably smooth.

Nothing.  I mean nothing could make it better.  I called my pediatrician and talked to one of her nurses for 20 minutes one day in tears because I was so upset by this.  She said this just happens to some babies, and some get it worse than others.  She told me unless I can magically make all of his teeth come in at once, we would all just have to deal with it.  Deal with it!

I was mortified.

There was nothing I could do to help him.  I was NOT happy about this.  For one, because I felt so bad for him.  He literally couldn’t sit down without it hurting him.  For two, I could NOT listen to his screaming for months on end.  I did a ton of research online and found that a lot of Moms were struggling with the same issue.  Runaway rashes.  I found a TON of suggestions, all of them included spending a lot of money.  That was out.. for now anyway.

One suggestion I fell in love with immediately.  It was a natural solution and it was cheap.  Two of my favorite things when it comes to kids.  I’m not a crazy all-natural all the time kind of person.  But I like to know that I’m giving my kids healthy alternatives to sugar loaded food and chemical loaded ointments and soaps.  I’d say I’m a good 50/50.  It depends on my mood.  (don’t judge)  But this was perfect.

The sun and fresh air.

If your baby has a nasty rash, lay them naked on their belly on the living room floor in direct sunlight.  Put a towel under them and try to get them to nap so they don’t wiggle so much.  If not, no biggie.  They said the sun helps dry up the rash and helps invigorate the body to heal itself faster.  Plus being in the nude prevents any chafing with the diapers so it gives the skin a chance to recuperate.

Rather than gooping on cream after cream to keep things from chafing and sticking and covering it up with a diaper and hiding that rash away in a deep dark dungeon, you expose it!

How easy and friggen awesome is that?  I dove on that suggestion with Buddy.  I got him all set up and pointed his little hinder due-east and let the sunshine do it’s thing.

It worked!!!!  In hindsight, it’s obvious it worked.  Sometimes though you just don’t think of the easy solutions.  Thank god for the internet, right??  So every time Buddy started showing signs of that rash coming back I knew two things.  Another tooth was on it’s way, and it was time to pull out the pee-towel.

Now, back to the girls.  I’m thinking that Bear may be starting to teeth now too.  Neither of the girls has ever had a problem with rashes, and she suddenly has a really nasty one with soars.  Nothing I’m doing is making it go away.  *Ah… she may have inherited the rash too…*

This time I know what to expect and thankfully my  god awful memory came through for me this time. We can all be spared the suffering of the teething rash this time.  I even came prepared with a little something extra for her sunbathing.  Training pads for puppies!


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