Todays packing adventures:

– While filling the air mattress to make sure there was no holes the electric fan broke.  Into pieces.  Like, fell apart in my hands…
– On our first camping trip with our new tent at the time in ’08 I ripped off the pole holder on one corner.  I’ve just been smashing the pole into the ground since then, but if we’re gonna end up spending most of our time in the tent like I’m expecting, it’s time to fix it.
– I ran out of waterproofing stuff.  Thankfully I got the top cover of the tent, but still… let’s hope my tarp idea works on the first try!
– I packed the kid’s clothes, food, diapers, wipes, rags and what seems like nearly our entire house for their weekend at Grandma and grandpa’s.  Buddy unpacked it.  All of it…  Everywhere.
– I packed the beach stuff for Buddy (Grandma and Grandpa are planning a swimming day.  Gutsy!).  He promptly took it to his hiding place that I have yet to discover.  There is also a sippy cup, a sock, an apple and a stuffed animal there too.
– I left the tent up in the guest room to air out after spraying it with the “camp Dry” waterproofing stuff.  THEN decided to start packing everything else resulting in me needing to climb around the massive “toy house” multiple times and stubbing my toe really bad.  It cracked REALLY loud and went numb for a little while.  I’ve never stubbed it that bad… omg it hurt.  (Don’t ask me why I didn’t just do the tent outside… I don’t know either…)
– I realized we don’t actually have a giant tarp.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I told my husband this was gonna be awesome packing since we only had ourselves to pack for.  I forgot that I had to pack the kids for their weekend too.


One thought on “prepping

  1. I saw on the weather news that we get that the week-end should be great with little rain, if any. Hope that’s right.

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