Beating the bad weather

Husband and I are three days from the first time we’ll be alone together for more than 24 hours in well over a year.  WELL over… because of that I’m determined to keep the weather from ruining our vacation.  I’ve been checking the weather daily to see what Saturday holds and I can’t help but have mixed feelings now.  Saturday still holds a moderately high chance of rain and we’re camping on Lake Michigan that night so the winds are gonna be pretty gusty.

We’re running the risk of setting up camp in the rain which kinda sucked.  But then I realized this is the perfect opportunity to test out my outdoor savvy skills.  (Probably not nearly as good as I’m thinking considering I put ‘outdoor’ and ‘savvy’ together…)  I’m a little excited to try to figure out a way to beat the rain and stay dry.  Here’s my thoughts:

Plan A:
Supplies:  Tarp, rope
execution:  Tie off the corners of a large tarp to nearby trees at a slight angle against the rain.  Enough so the rain drains off of the backside.  Set up the tent underneath the tarp facing into the center.

Plan B:
Supplies:  tarp, rope, pole
execution:  Tie off the corners of the tarp to nearby trees even with the ground.  Set up a pole in the center so it pitches in all angles.  Same scenario with the tent.

I’m thinking the second one would be better because I can see a number of possible problems with the first one.  We’ll see though.  I’m still gonna waterproof the tent.  I feel all of my fort building skills through my childhood coming back to the surface again.  I made some awe-some forts in my day.  Let’s just hope I’m not too rusty!  Thankfully if I screw it up, I’ve got an engineer in tow that can adjust my mistakes… not that I’ll make any. 😉

If for some reason neither of us can keep the rain from sneaking in on us while we’re sleeping, there’s always…

Plan C:
Supplies: Car
Execution:  Sleep in it.


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