Optimism can kiss my…

Our upcoming vacation was supposed to be the grandest occasion of my husband and I’s alone time.  More importantly, it was supposed to be our vacation away from stress.


Well, apparently the gods say it’s not so.  There’s supposed to be scattered thunderstorms that Friday and Saturday, then rain Sunday.  I won’t get into how absolutely un-characteristically angry I am about this (If you know me, you know my hot temper.  Therefore you know this says a lot about just how angry I am).  I won’t tell you that we had pretty much everything planned outdoors.  Including cherry picking, a winery/vineyard tour, a drive-in double feature movie theatre, hiking and exploring a (what I imagine is a small, but still exciting to check out) cave.  I also won’t tell you that we were planning on camping one of those nights.  You know… like… outside.  In the middle of the thunderstorm.  I won’t complain to you about how I wanted to grill some stuff over the campfire and read a book and relax on the beach which is amazingly close to our campsite.  I won’t immediately follow that up with pointing out that our campsite is FEET from Lake Michigan and we’ll probably be washed away overnight never to be found again.  I know you don’t want to hear me complain and be melodramatic over the fact that there’s a chance of our one single amazing weekend of “no worries” being absolutely and irrevocably ruined.

Instead, I’ll share with you the conversation with my husband that followed this thunderstorm discovery:

me: *stomps down the stairs* I’m SO pissed right now!

(I should add that husband was in the middle of making a new batch of beer, which tends to make him the most agreeable creature on the planet)

husband: *gets the”uh oh, what did I do now?” look on his face* What?  Why?

me: I just checked the weather for our vacation.  Friday, scattered thunderstorms.  Saturday, scattered thunderstorms.  Sunday RAIN!

husband: *looks relieved* Oh, I thought you were mad at me.

me: Aren’t you mad?!

husband:  well, it sucks yeah.  But you said it was scattered right?  Maybe it’ll miss us.

me: We had almost everything planned outside though!  What, are we supposed to run through the trails at a dead sprint because of the rain?!

husband: *looks excited* Yeah!  We could do that!

me: *eyeroll*  Cool, I’ll make sure to pack some ponchos.  Then what?  We just spend the whole rest of the day in the tent?

husband: *smiles*

me: Ugh!

husband: Ok, ok… yeah it’ll be a bummer, but we’ll make it work out ok.  We can find other stuff to do.

me: Ugh, you’re too optimistic.  How are you not mad?

husband:  I dunno, I figure we can still make it fun our own way.

me: Ahh… we’re still going to the breweries, you’re not bothered by this because you still get your tours and beer and don’t have to do “all the extra crap”.

husband: *smiles*

Thank god the food stops we planned aren’t ruined or I’d really flip out.  At least we still get beer and incredibly unhealthy food.  Maybe this vacation won’t be so bad after all… Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Optimism can kiss my…

  1. CHILL woman !!!! It will be fine ….just have fun and relax…..just having time with Kyle will be great… some of our best get aways didn’t happen all planned out ..just run with the wind…. 🙂

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