Major savings on glasses

If you’re like me and refuse to spend an arm and a leg to get prescription glasses or contacts I have something you may (will) like.

Zenni Optical.

Most health and/or vision insurance will cover either glasses or contacts each year.  If your prescription changes and you have to buy both at once, that leaves you to have to buy the other out-of-pocket at a very large expense.  Neither are cheap!!  Zenni Optical was referred to me by a acquaintance and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  they’re a website that sells prescription glasses at a ridiculously amazingly extraordinarily low price.

They’ve got 3000+ pairs of glasses for your purchasing pleasure, ranging from $6 to $46.  Even the most expensive glasses are cheaper than name brand.  Shipping is a flat rate of $5.  You can get prescription sunglasses, glasses, and goggles.  Yes, you heard me right… goggles.  They come in acetate/plastic, titanium, stainless steel and many more.  There’s even holiday themed glasses for you cooks who love to deck yourself out in christmas/Halloween/red, white and blue gear.  I would too for $10!

If you’re worried they don’t provide for your nearly blind eyes because your prescription is so ungodly high, no worries.  Mine is -6.75 and I’ve never had a problem.  They provide prescriptions as high as -20.  No joke.

They provide all of the special services most people need like high index lenses, clip-on shades, anti-glare coating, single/bifocal/progressive lenses, transitions, polarized, lens tinting and so on..  This though, is where they’ll get you with prices if you get too out of control.  High index is an additional $20-$80.   My lenses are usually really thick but I get mid-index for free and it makes a pretty big difference where I don’t care about the lenses.

All you need to do is get your newest prescription from your eye doctor, making sure to get your pupillary distance and any astigmatism corrections.  You pick out the glasses you like, and start entering all your prescription numbers.  FYI, you can measure the pupillary distance yourself too.  It’d be best to have someone else do it for you so you know it’s accurate.  You measure the distance in millimeters from the center of one pupil to the other.  They also explain everything to you on the website too if you’re unsure about anything it’s asking for.

If you’re not sure how the glasses will look on your face, you can just upload an image of your face onto the website and click the “try on” button for the glasses.  You can see how they look on your face!  (I would suggest editing the picture and cropping it down to just your head so the size is big enough.  The first time I tried it my head was too small.)

Still not convinced?  Think they’re cheap and gonna fall apart easily?  Husband and I have had our glasses for a year now.  That’s WELL worth the $10 we spent on them in my opinion.  Plus, frankly, if they do break, they were only $10.  We just bought 2 more pairs of glasses each.  I personally think there are styles for everyone too.  There’s a ton of cute ones, durable ones, metal and plastic.  all different shapes and sizes and styles.  I promise you you’ll find one you like at a reasonable price!


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