I’m Toothless!!!

…well, ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit.

I am however, finally wisdom toothless!!!  I got my fourth wisdom tooth pulled today out of the top right side.  You wouldn’t believe how relieved I am to finally be rid of those monsters.  This last one was unfortunately quite the fighter.

The first appointment was for my bottom 2 when I was 20.  They came out perfectly.  The next one was my top left last year when I was 24.  All three of those came out easily enough and I never got dry sockets or anything.

This time was a little different.  It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t easy either.  I’m 25 now (nearly a month from 26) so this bad boy has had time to really burrow in tight, and the roots all met back together at the tips, so it was holding on very tight.  I also had a lot of skin over the top of it yet.  Because of the skin they had to cut through to even get to the tooth I had to get about five extra numbing shots in my gums.  Yes, EXTRA.  Five EXTRA shots on top of the original three shots.  After awhile I didn’t feel the shots anymore, which means I was very. numb.  That resulted in me constantly needing to check my chin to make sure it’s not wet from drool.  That’s NOT cool…  especially when I’m trying to talk to the receptionist afterward and drooling on myself while attempting to slop through my sentences.  I resorted to one word answers very quickly.

When I was numb enough to not be able to feel being hit by a bus on that side of my mouth, he proceeded to the extraction.  He pulled so hard his hand was literally shaking and my head was getting cocked to the side no matter how hard I pulled back.  Then…


My tooth broke.

I just closed my eyes and prayed it wasn’t bad.  He just looked at the now gaping hole in my mouth and said it looked fine.  Whew!!  I guess the tip of one of the roots broke off, but it’s literally like a millimeter in size… if that.  According to him anyway.  He said it wasn’t worth doing surgery to pull it out, and it wouldn’t bother me anyway.

Now for the healing (and un-numbing… which will probably take a week).  I guess that extra skin was a good thing.  Now the skin will heal over better and shouldn’t cause me any problems.  I’m just so happy to finally be done with extractions!!!  That last tooth was causing me some pain while it was coming in and I was ready to be done.  I’m just annoyed I have to go through the post wisdom tooth removal pain and bleeding for a THIRD time.

So now five years and three extractions later, I’m done teething.  I do think I’m gonna need to eat my girl’s rice cereal for dinner because I can NOT open my mouth for the life of me.  We’ll have to see how taking care of the kids while dealing with my very painful mouth works out tomorrow.


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