New Theme

My friend J just changed her theme.  She is a WordPress mommy blogger like myself and an awesome writer to boot.  But, like she said in her blog, her theme didn’t reflect her life as a Mom too much.  She has had the same one for a LONG time and just changed hers to reflect something more “mommy-ish”.  It was bright, colorful and a complete mess.  I LOVED it.  Enough to be jealous that I didn’t see this new theme first.  So I decided it was time to look for a new theme myself.

Tonight I went through every. single. theme.  I liked a lot, but this one took the cake.  The more I look at it, the more I LOVE it.

It’s called banana smoothie.  This is why I think this one is awesome for me:

1.)  It’s yellow.  Yellow is a bright, happy and energetic color.  I have a very happy and energetic life!  When is a Mom’s life dull and blah?  Never!  Neither is yellow.
2.)  Yellow is the color of pee, baby poop, and sometimes spit-up/puke.  Uhhh… mommy blog??  Doy.
3.)  It’s simple but still fun.I don’t know what this has to do with being a Mom, but I still like this.
4.)  The background, for some reason, reminds me of a beach.  Maybe it looks like a closeup of a woven hammock??  I dunno exactly, but I like the meshy look.
5.)  Buddy loves bananas.  He absolutely flips out when he sees a banana.  The header makes me think of his delighted squeals, and that delights me.  It also reminds me of bananas being some of the first solid foods and the unbelievable messes that follow.
6.)  It’s so summery and sunny looking.  Sunshine reminds me of the beach and “fruit smoothies” and the smell of sunscreen and cookouts and lemonade and the feeling of sand between your toes.  All of which are extremely awesome.  Especially during family time, and watching your kids discovering the world around them when you take them to the park, the beach, a parade, fireworks and SO much more.

I could go on with a bunch of silly reasons.  You get the picture.

Hope you like it. 🙂


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