RIP dear TV


I feel like smashing the laptop to smithereens right now.  I’m honestly really frustrated right now.  I feel like in the last few months everything is causing us to lose all of our hard-earned and well saved money.  We were doing amazingly well at saving money too.  Then we had the girls and had to pay for a VERY high deductible.  There went a huge chunk of money.  Not that I regret having the girls, because I absolutely don’t.  But no one is ever happy to spend as much money as we’ve been needing to do.  Then there are co-pays and out of pockets.  Just another reason to charge more money…

Anyway I’m getting off track.  The last thunderstorm that came through was the icing on the cake.  (You know, the one that made me terrified of ghosts again…)  Well apparently when the whole house went wacko on us, the TV was permanently ruined.  Whatever makes the tv turn on is broken.  You know that click sound that you hear when you initially hit power?  The first time I tried to turn the TV on it was clicking like mad trying to turn on for like three minutes before it actually turned on.  The second time (yesterday) it took TEN minutes to turn on, and the clicking was a little slower.  Today, about an hour ago now, I tried turning it on again.  Still nothing.  It clicks about once every 3 seconds.  Still. nothing.  ARRRRGH!!!  Not only is the TV broken, but now I’ve got to listen to this infernal clicking for what feels like all of eternity!  I’d just unplug it, but I’ll be damned if I listened to it this long and didn’t get anything out of it.  It’s turning ON.  It better.

Normally I’d just be sort of annoyed then start the hunt for a new TV.  But this is a nice TV.  At least for our standard of living.  Normally we never buy anything nice as far as electronics goes.  All of our money goes to school loans, deductibles, and home upgrades/repairs.  (Which, I might add, this had to happen right in the middle of installing new windows.  Asshole TV.  Lightning, you’re an asshole too.)  This TV was the first nice thing we bought for ourselves after we got married.  Like I said it’s nothing special, and I know there’s nicer ones out there, but it’s nice for us.  It’s a 46″ LCD HDTV 60 HZ 1080 P.  I know the standard now is 120HZ and 3D is becoming the big thing etc etc… but I just want OUR TV.

Did I mention that we decided not to get an extended warranty?  This was before getting (accidentally) pregnant with Buddy.  Had we known we’d have kids so soon we’d have gotten one probably.  But that’s beside the point.  We knew we’d take good care of it and get a surge protector and everything that we needed to protect it.  We weren’t gonna be the cause of the TV’s demise.  Apparently we were right…

What’s most frustrating is that this is one of our main sources of entertainment.  Probably our only.  When we finally put the kids down we’re just SO tired and worn our that the TV is the first thing we go to.  We’ll either sprawl out on our respective couch and watch tv, or cuddle up and watch a movie.  (We are avid netflixers.  We watch a new movie the night it comes and get a new one every 3rd night.)  We have surround sound, we have the subwoofer, we have a 5 disc DVD player, we have mostly anything to make it a splendid evening once we’re rid of the kids.  We still have another TV upstairs.  But it’s maybe 27″.  That’s fine and all, we’ll use it and be happy.  The point though, is that the TV is our favorite thing.  It should, therefore, be our nicest thing.

So now, our dilemma is deciding to file a claim with the insurance company, or deciding to just go buy a new one.  (Or having my BIL try to fix it)  If we want to file a claim, we have to contact a TV repair guy and take the TV to him to see if lightning was really the cause.  (I’m pretty positive it was..)  IF that was the cause, we file a claim and go through those motions.  I DO NOT want to have to file a claim.  Last time I filed a car insurance claim it was because my car was stolen and totaled.  I had to find a new car and meet up with agents and contact repair services etc etc.  IT SUCKED.  It was such a hassle to go through all that.  Now, I know it’s not a car, but I still just don’t have the time, energy or patience to go through that with everything else going on right now.  The kids are enough without having the hospital visits to worry about.

The other problem is that these TVs are anywhere between $800-$1500.  We have a $1000 homeowners insurance deductible.  So the question is, “Do we claim, or do we buy a new one?”  In the meantime I have to listen to this stupid clicking all day, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get the TV on.

The sad thing is that we just got our DVD player fixed finally… now the TV is broken.  Are you KIDDING me?!


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