My Angel in the Pharmacy

I just called the pharmacy to re-order some more hydroxocobalamin.  (It’s hydrox”O”… I previously spelled it hydrox”Y”.  Just an FYI)

The pharmacist informed me that there’s a national shortage and they’re backordered for about two months.  The company who either makes or sterilizes the vials messed something up.  Not just for MY drug, but for many injectables.


I tried to keep my cool, but I was honestly… I don’t even know how to explain how I felt.  “NO”.  That’s the only word that came into my head.  Just, “NO”.  *Are you telling me we FINALLY found a treatment, and now it’s ALL GONE?!*

I wasn’t mean to her at all, but I kind of sputtered through my sentences.  I didn’t know what to say.  “So now… what am I… how…  Okay well… ummmm…”  I finally got enough out of my mouth for her to realize the girls were a little more of a serious case than the average hydroxocoalamin user.  (If there’s such a thing as an “average” patient)  Somewhere in my chopped up sentences I got out that it could be fatal if they stop using it and I asked if she knew of any pharmacy in the WORLD that had it in supply yet.  *an overseas drug shipment… there goes MORE massive amounts of money…*

She stopped me and asked how much they needed.  I said, “1 ML every day.”  Some patients need it once a week, but most need it once a month.

She paused.  “Hang on a second okay?  I need to check something.”

I wait.

…and wait.

Finally she comes back on.  “Okay, I talked to someone above me.  We have two vials in the back we can give you.”  *OH thank you GOD!*  I felt myself start breathing again.  She went on and basically told me that because of the extreme shortage they saved a couple vials of every injectable that has been affected by this shortage for patients like the twins who don’t just need it, but NEED it.  I practically threw my money at her (theoretically, since this conversation was over the phone).  At this point I will personally drop kick anyone who tries to get these vials before me.  I didn’t know if it was first come, first serve so I paid extra to just have it shipped immediately.

I now have two vials on their way to my little home in SE WI.  My girls are safe for another few weeks.  I feel so thankful my lucky stars were with me today.  I know my babies aren’t the only ones who NEED this treatment, and I pray that everyone is able to get ahold of some, some way or another.  In the meantime I need to find out what needs to be done to keep their treatment going.  Who knows, I just may have to get some shipped from overseas if the shortage gets that bad.

Oh well, whatever it takes to keep my girls happy and healthy. Right?


One thought on “My Angel in the Pharmacy

  1. Thank God they had some in reserve! I’m glad you had the whereabouts to stutter out something that the pharmacist could help you with. I would have been in complete shock and probably hung up the phone! Happy you got what the girls need for a little while!

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