Dude, ghosts totally exist

Last night our power, as well as many others in the area, went out from a thunderstorm.

The weird thing was that it was only half gone.  The lights still turned on, but they were very dim.  The tv still turned on, but it was only sound and no picture (Which I was immediately pissed about).  The fridge light was on, but dim and the cold was really puttering out.  Husband plugged his phone into the charger and it only put out 50% power…


In the midst of all this I was getting more and more convinced that we either got hit by lightning, or were being attacked by ghosts.  Yes, I’m serious.  I was really starting to convince myself we had ghosts.  What else could cause this phenomenon?!  It was 4:30 in the morning and closing in on dawn.  Those bloodsucking ghosts (yes, they suck blood now too) were trying to get us out of the house before daylight.

Now instead of my previously brave countenance laughing off the silly notion that we have ghosts, I am standing in the middle of our dark living room getting more and more terrified.  *what was that noise?!” *Did I see something move?!*  *Oh, hell no… I swear I just saw something move!*

It was Remmy…

He scared the bejesus out of me!  I’m now a little calmer now that I have my ghost buster Remmy.  I start to walk back to the bedroom.  Husband in the meantime is in the basement in the dark looking at the electrical.  *Doesn’t he know the basement is where ghosts kill you off first?!*  What a foolish man…

Before I walk back into the bedroom, making sure I’ve got guard dog Remmy close by, I look up to the girls room.  !!!!!!!!!!  OH GOD.  Their bedroom door is completely closed.  I’m immediately back in frantic mode.  I remembered their door being WIDE open before I went to bed, and I was the last one to lay down.  WHO CLOSED THEIR DOOR?!  The ghosts.  I’m thinking back to every horror movie I’ve ever seen where ghosts haunt your house then attack your kids.  Oh S#!%, Oh god, oh F$@#!!!!  What do I DO?!  Oh my poor baby girls, oh my darlings!  I stood there for a good five seconds, which feels like an eternity and my mind is made up.  I’m going in.

I step forward and I feel my whole body getting heavier, I could swear it’s colder by their room.  Oh my god… Oh god they’re in there with my babies.  I reach out and touch the doorknob.  I have no idea what’s on the other side of this door, but I’m about to find out.  I can’t turn back now.  I can’t abandon my babies.  I turn the knob… now all that’s in between this side of the door, and what I’m now positive is purgatory itself, is just a push of the door.  I stop.  Do I throw it open screaming and try to scare the evil bloodsucking ghosts away, or do I sneak in and attack them from behind?  Wait, how do I attack them?!  It’s too late for planning…  My body is tingling all over from fear.  I take one last breath and throw the door open!!


As I stood there paralyzed with fear I take in my surroundings.  The girls are both sound asleep.  The room is still the same old room, no ghosts flying around, no bats, no hellhounds, no vampires.  I start laughing at my foolishness.  I noticed one of their windows was forgotten open.  It had been storming so it’s cooler outside than in the house.  That must be why it was cooler by their room.  The storm, not ghosts.  *sigh*  I turn around laughing to myself and head from our bedroom.  I meet Husband in the doorway and he tells me he doesn’t know what happened, but maybe there’s two power sources and one of them got damaged during the storm.

Either way, he says it’s 4:30 AM and we don’t need power anyway so we can just wait until morning.  I agree.  It’s really hot in the house, but the A/C isn’t working so we laid down on top of the blankets and settle in for the rest of the night.  I am almost falling asleep and I thought I see something move again!!  I decide I better get a sheet out of storage and cover up… better safe than sorry.


The point of this story?  I’m supposed to be the monster-chaser-offer when the kids get older.   Uhhhh….. seriously?!  I think I’ll leave that job for husband.  My imagination is too wild.


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