Potty training… *gulp*

I’ve heard from MANY sources that it takes around 3 years, sometimes more, to potty train a boy.

I’m not excited about this.  Not at all.  By the time I’m potty training Buddy (now 17 months old) I’ll be potty training the girls too!  I’m trying to start making Buddy very aware of his BM’s and potty.  I am trying to get him to tell me when he goes pee and poop.  So far all he knows is where it ends up.  I ask him, “where’s your poopy?” He points to his butt.  “Where’s your potty?” He grabs his crotch and grunts.  Very, uhhh… eloquent of you Buddy…

I did a little bit of research online to find out good ideas for helping him learn about the whole process.  I’m not going to start the actual potty training until he knows how everything works and what everything is.  I’ve heard that if you try to force your toddler (especially a boy) to potty train before they’re ready it just ends in disaster and more problems and reluctance down the road.  But then if you start too late they’re more reluctant because it’s easier for them to just go in their diaper.  Ugh.

I still have to get a potty training toilet too.  Not sure if there’s any specific one that’s better than others…

I found this link in one of my favorite parenting websites:

I’m intrigued.  Maybe I’ll give this a try once I know he’s more aware of his BMs.  I’m home all day anyway so I may as well.  Besides, it can’t be as bad as housebreaking Remmy.  THAT was a nightmare.  He was so bad!!  No matter how much I cleaned up a pee spot on the carpet, he could still apparently smell the pee.  When a dog smells their own pee spot they keep going in that same area.  Finally I had to borrow my MIL’s carpet cleaner and attack the carpet.  It took a good 3 months before Remmy was finally truly potty trained.

This time at least Buddy can’t smell his pee!!!

What was your most successful potty training experience?  Do you have any preference for potty training toilets?

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