Vacation, here we come!

It’s always been my very strong opinion that (as a mom) getting away from your kids is the best path to mental recovery.

That’s not to say that I don’t love my kids.  I can’t even express how dear my kids are to me.  But there always comes a point when you’ve just HAD. ENOUGH.  That’s the point where you are ready to go berserk and beat the living hell out of your garbage can just to let off some steam.  As much as you love your kids, enough is enough and you want to be away from them.  Thankfully husband and I have a remedy for this problem.  Albeit a small one.  But anything helps, right?

Our anniversary.  A legitimate excuse to GET AWAY.  Not just the kids, but bills, work and practically any responsibility.  We (I) decided that we would get away from everything at least once a year.  Just the two of us.  Not just the same old place and just sit and watch tv, but go somewhere new each year and have a different experience.  One year we went camping and enjoyed biking and hiking, another we went to Door County and went cherry picking and checked out the town, another we went to Colorado to visit relatives and celebrated in the mountains.  Our honeymoon was a cruise in the Bahamas.

This year I started looking around Wisconsin to see where someplace fun might be to go.  I’m floating between different towns and events I know we’d both like, and different hotels and cabins with different amenities we’d like.  I just can’t decide and I keep asking husband over and over what he wants to do and where he wants to go.  Of course, I get an “I dunno.” nearly every time.  I’m lucky if I get an “I don’t care.”  UGH!

Finally I sarcastically ask him if I can just plan it all and tell him what we’re doing when I’m done.  He says, “sure.”  I looked at him a little hesitantly and asked, “Are you serious?”  “Sure!” He says again.  I’M THRILLED!!!  I feel like I’ve been released from my shackles!!  So does he.  He hates deciding things, and I hate when he doesn’t are.  This is perfect.  He’ll be fine with any of the places I mentioned to him, so I’m free to make all the reservations for a hotel/campsite/cabin/lodge, I can plan my dinner of choice on my night of choice, I can plan activities of my choice where and when I choose!!!  Best of all, I get to organize.  Oh. My. God.  This is AWESOME!

Now though as I’m looking around I need to remind myself that I can’t go spending a couple hundred dollars on this vacation just because I’ve got free rein.  I feel like a teenager that just got permission to come home whenever I want for the first time.  It’s like I want to stay out all night now just because I can!  He’s trusting me to make the right decisions here, and I have to be respectful of his cheap… erm… cautious spending habits.  😉

GOD I just want to explode though!!!  We’re going on VACATION!!!

We’ve got the okay to drop the kids off with their grandparents for the weekend, and we’ll be off into our fun-filled weekend!!!  I have really been needing this vacation.  I haven’t spent a night away from the girls since they were born, and I’m ready for a weekend away.  My goal is to be gone long enough to have an awesome weekend with Kyle, and come back missing my kids.

I’m counting down the days..

Where are some good places in WI good for a weekend vacation?  (Reasonably priced)

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