Gifts and Father’s Day

I always get so excited for holidays to celebrate my husband.  I know, it sounds so cheesy but it’s true.  I’m not huge on showing affection (which is funny because if you knew us in high school I could never get enough attention from him… funny how time changes you).  So when Father’s day, his birthday or Christmas comes around it’s like all of the attention he should get over the entire year pours into this one day.  Plus I L.O.V.E. making crafts.  So when I start on a gift, I really pour my heart into it.  I think about it for about a month and plan out any creations ahead of time.  Overkill, I know.  But I can’t help it!!!!!   I absolutely love giving him gifts. Every free moment from then on is spent creating, planning and sneaky shopping.  The problem is that I am usually so excited about my ideas that I can’t stop giving hints to him to try to get him to figure it out.  Unfortunately for me, he is extremely patient.  The suspense of waiting is worse for me than it is for him!

I especially love giving homemade gifts.  I try to think of one for every holiday.   I really feel like homemade gifts are so much better (when you actually TRY to make a good one and don’t just crapshoot one together last-minute).  To me, it says you’re worth all this time and effort, I made this specially for you.  It’s just so much more personal to the person’s taste, it’s priceless.

This past Valentines Day my only gift was homemade.  I decided to go with the “coupon” route.  You know, where you give a coupon for “1 free hug” “1 back rub” etc.  Well, I modified it.  I made different coupons out of construction paper and pulled out the crayons, magic markers, colored pencils and sparkly glue.  In other words I was back in first grade.  Whatever, shut up.  They were awesome.  Instead of just romantic stuff, I also included things like “1 oil change” (which he read and promptly laughed saying, “I think I’ll pass on this one.”  *What, you don’t think I can do it?! Well… okay maybe I forgot…*), a “scolding skipper”, and so on.  I had over 100 of these totally random coupons.  He loved the gift and spent a long time reading through them all and we laughed and talked about past incidents where they’d have probably been useful.

coupons for Valentines Day

For Christmas last year I taught myself how to knit in mid-November and knitted Christmas themed stockings for Dad and Remmy (Remy is our 1 1/2-year-old “puppy”.  I quote puppy because he’s 65 pounds and CRAZY… he’s young, but large-and-in-charge.)  It took every spare second of a month and a half to do them, but I did it and I was SO PROUD.  I’ll be doing the same thing for the girls and Buddy this year.

yeah... I made these. *smug*

That brings me to Father’s Day.  I was super bummed because I didn’t even think about Father’s day until like 2 weeks beforehand.  We were just so busy that it totally slipped my mind.  I had NO time to think or create.  So I decided to go with the store-bought route.  I knew we needed another bike trailer for Buddy so we could go on family bikes again.  We both were so bummed because we miss biking together, we would go for miles and miles.  NO store has one right now.  Then I thought I’d get him a new bike.  But I knew he wanted a hybrid, and they can get so specific I didn’t wanna get something for over $200 when it wouldn’t be right.  THEN I thought I’d get Windows 7 (the computer program).  Our computer has been in desperate need of a clean sweep for a while now and I thought that’d be great because we both REALLY want a new computer.  Come to find out it’s $120… ugh.  THEEEEN I thought of a hammock.  But I didn’t realize they’re about $100 for the hammock, then another $100 for the frame.  I knew we just wouldn’t use it enough to make it worth the money.  Everything I thought of just wasn’t happening.

I just ended up going to Wal-Mart and throwing things randomly in the cart.  I got a camping hammock for ten bucks, a 5 game yard game set (bags, washer toss etc.) and a neck pillow (I know, now I’m getting REAL creative…*eye roll*).  Then when I got home it hit me.  Buddy was standing there holding a foam letter from an alphabet mat in his room. I had the cutest idea!  Granted it was pretty simple, but still, it was pretty darn cute.  I got each kid in a different pose holding the letters “D” “A” “D”.  I got a three picture frame and put it together.  Genius!



Baby Bear

So I just had to put everything together and I was good to go.  Father’s Day came and I woke up to Dad hitting me telling me to feed the girls.  *Uhh… what?  You said you’d do it!  Ugh… fine, only because it’s Father’s Day… grumble grumble*  I walked into the kitchen and stepped in a massive puddle from our leaking fridge.  *ARRRRGH!!!!*  Not a good start.  I got the girls fed and started getting breakfast ready.  Dad came out all perky like it was a wonderful day.  I slapped a pack of bacon in his hands and told him to make it as I walked out of the kitchen.  (Ok, so I may have still been a tad bitter about the early wake-up call and fridge puddle… :P)  Lucky for me he liked making bacon his own way so it all worked out.  Later in the day we opened gifts (or rather, Buddy opened Dad’s gifts).  The frame was the best gift. 🙂

Daddy and Buddy fight over the hammock

Buddy tries on Dad's neck pillow

Dad's "DAD" frame

I offered 6 different meals for Dad to pick between lunch and dinner.  We had homemade subs and shish kabobs, and I made lemon cupcakes for desert. YUM!!!!  I made roast beef, ham and turkey, Italian and pastrami (SPICY!!) subs.  Then we went for a family walk on a local bike trail and chilled out for the rest of the day.  All in all it was a nice relaxing day and went off without a hitch.

the pastrami sub is missing... hmmmm... 😉


Did you do anything fun or Father’s Day?  What do you do when you can’t think of a good gift idea?

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