Another Monday

I got up at 5 again this morning to get Peanut’s casts changed.  Everything was fine there and went off without a hitch.  It was after I got home that everything caved in on me.

* I stepped in more water today from the fridge. — Side story: It’s had this unending water leak.  It’s sooooo slooow that you’d never know it until the bottom of the fridge overflows.  Then when I get up in the early morning to feed the girls I end up stepping in a gargantuan puddle filling the floor.  I hate wet socks.  It literally will drive me insanely angry instantly.  I also hate getting up early when I was just in a deep comfortable sleep.  Cross stepping in water with socks on just after getting up (literally stumbling through the house with my eyes still half closed…) and KABOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!  Mama Hulk on the loose.  My husband said he heard me yelling in the kitchen from bed.  Yeah… I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors didn’t hear me this morning.  We (husband) either need to fix that leak or get a new fridge.  If I step in water one more time I’m breaking the door off and smashing it apart with a baseball bat while screaming unintelligible strings of cuss words at it.  “YOU GODDAMMIT SON OF A F___ING F___!!!  I’m not kidding.  I’m SICK of it.  I’ll do it.

* I woke up so early and I’m exhausted.  You would think I’d be used to it by now… but when I know I have to drive a long distance right after waking up I get angry because I have to get ready instead of just sitting in my pj’s and chilling.
* Buddy is a little jerk today.  He is purposely misbehaving which is the worst.  He drops things in the toilet while watching me for my reaction.  Give it another year and try it again buddy… I’ll give you a reaction…
* Peanut threw up more today than I’ve ever seen her throw up.  I can tell you she’s never actually thrown up her whole bottle (we’ve contemplated feeding her another full bottle before because she throws up so much sometimes) because I’m pretty sure this was the whole bottle today… twice…  EV-ERY-WHERE.  Well… not actually everywhere… just every inch of my body.  Normally I don’t mind spit up, but this was unbelievable.  It just didn’t stop.  I was literally soaked in baby puke.  Oh. My. God.
* When I got Buddy up from his nap he was SATURATED with pee.  I changed him right before his nap so I’d love to know how that happened.  His bed sheets and his entire onesie were just soaked.  So when I picked him up imagine my surprise… *SQUISH* that’s the third time I changed today.
* Bear won’t stop crying.  Seriously WILL. NOT. STOP.  I have no idea.  I’m honestly just beginning to not care.
* Genetics tomorrow pisses me off.  They called me after I got home to ask me to come in by them.  They’re notorious with me for horrible timing.  I have to go back down to Children’s tomorrow for both girls to get a skin biopsy.  They’re not absorbing the B12 I’ve been giving them for their treatment so now we’re looking at a genetic disease for both of them and maybe (probably) injections… awesome.  I was hoping it’d be a problem with me that affected them, but no such luck.  I’m apparently healthy as a horse.  I honestly wish that wasn’t the case for their sakes.  I’m beginning to get less and less scared to find out what’s wrong with them.  I just want to know and start treatment regardless of what it is so I can just be done with being in the dark and constantly having to make last-minute trips to Children’s for more testing.  I just want it to be done.
* I haven’t had a moment to myself today.  You’d be surprised what five minutes can do to recover an exhausted mother’s mind.  I haven’t had those five minutes until now.  I was going to blog about Father’s day (which was actually pretty awesome) But that comes later… I needed to vent.

So you know how parents say they’re literally covered in puke or pee all day.  They’re full of crap.  I really AM covered in both of them today.  I’m COVERED.  It’s disgusting.  I’m tired, irritated, and gross.  I should just wake up expecting to be pissed off at the world on Mondays from now on.

Does/has anyone ever experience days like these?  What did you do to keep your sanity?

2 thoughts on “Another Monday

  1. I lower my standards, haha! Not to where we’re living as bums or anything, but I just write off the day as a bad one when things start happening like that, and it seems to take some of the stress off. When Lucy was born, I was told she would get dramatically calmer at 12 weeks old. I got myself through that time by looking forward to that magic day. It didn’t happen, and I was PISSED. We’ve had so many of her awful days that were accented by me forgetting money at home, being snowed OUT of our driveway with a car full of groceries, the boiler dying on the coldest day of the year, Lee being downright naughty, poop and pee messes, other people’s stupidity etc… I just try to get through the rest of the day and then tell myself we’ll try again tomorrow. Unfortunately, I usually tell Mike off before that because he’s the first adult I see, and it’s usually something he did/didn’t do that sends me over the edge, haha!

  2. Man, what a rough day. I’m sorry to hear about it. I hope Husband got home and was able to take some of the load off.

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