One of THOSE days…

I have been spending a lot of my time at Children’s Hospital for my girls for various reasons.  Normally I’d give the shirt off of my back to the staff.  Today however, I wanted to slap a few of them in the face!!

To give a quick history to catch you up:
*Peanut has clubbed feet.  We started casting about a week ago.  They’re legit hard-as-a-rock plaster casts on both legs from her tippy-toes all the way up to her hips.  We’re supposed to take the trip down to Children’s Hospital (about 45 minutes drive) once a week to change the casts until her feet are turned back out.  However long it takes is up to her and her little tootsies.  Normally it takes about 2 months..
*We also recently discovered through some genetic testing that Peanut AND Bear both have a B12 deficiency.  What that means kind of depends on me.  If I actually have the B12 deficiency then they’re fine.  They will just need some significant treatment temporarily, and their bodies will take over.  If it’s NOT from me however, it means they probably have a rare genetic disease.  Cool.  Worse-case scenario they get B12 injections twice a day for the rest of their lives (it works the same as diabetes… IF they’ve got the genetic disease it means they can’t absorb it correctly and need shots to get the necessary amount.).  Best case scenario they don’t have it at all.  We’re just waiting for now.  Personally I’m hoping I have the disease and they’re fine.  I can handle giving myself shots much better than the both of them.  We’ve been getting bloodwork done once a week for a couple of weeks to test their levels and see how the treatment has been going.

Here’s how today was supposed to go down…
I go to bed at 9ish to get adequate rest for an early rise in the morning.  I get up at 5 AM, take 30 minutes to get myself ready, 30 minutes to feed and change the girls.  Get us all in the van and head out for Children’s.  I get there in 45 minutes, take ten minutes to walk the ungodly distance from the parking garage to the hospital entrance, and check in at Ortho.   The appt is at 7 AM.  I wait maybe ten minutes, her casts are removed, and the new ones are put on.  That should ideally take 30 minutes.  I leave ortho with fresh casts and high spirits and head over to lab to get the bloodwork done.  I know I called a week prior to schedule an appt so I don’t have to wait.  I show up, check in and wait a couple minutes.  We go back and start the blood draw.  There’s no positive to this part, it just sucks either way.  They draw the blood out of their arm (Like when you give blood).  Here comes the waterworks.  No no… not the girls, MOM.  I hate it.  So the best situation for me is that they get it on the first try and they’re done in like 30 seconds for each.  I leave a little deflated from the pain to my babies, but overall things go smoothly.  I head out by 8:00 latest and I’m home by 9 and Husband can get to work at a reasonable time.  We planned for me to get there crazy early so I can get home and he can get to work without having to use vacation.  Since this will be a weekly event that sounds most reasonable for everyone.

Here’s how today really went down:
I couldn’t fall asleep last night.  I was in bed by 9:15 and ready to doze off.  It usually helps if I read in bed to fall asleep so I grabbed my current read and got settled in… an hour later I’m not even remotely tired.  I turn off the light and laid there sort of annoyed that I wasn’t even close to tired.  *Maybe I shouldn’t have had that hot chocolate…* Really Mom?  Finally come 11:00 I started to get tired.  It wasn’t the falling asleep tired though, it was the, ‘I’m so tired but SO aware of it I can’t keep my eyes closed.’  I’m not 100% sure when I actually fell asleep, the last time I looked at the clock it was past 1 AM.  *sigh*

My alarm went off at 5 AM and I got out of bed.  Tired and pissed off.  I’m seriously tired.  That kind of tired where your eyelids feel like magnets.  You just can’t keep them open.  Cold water does the trick.  I’m more awake, and more pissed off.  *This will be an interesting day…* I think.  I got some coffee and got myself minimally ready.  I’m too tired to care.  I get the girls ready and I’m actually out the door with 5 minutes to spare.  As the coffee starts to kick in I think, *Ok Mom, maybe this won’t be so bad.*  I get there in 45 minutes and I am really starting to feel pretty good now.  I got the BEST parking spot in the parking garage right next to the skywalk!  Then…  (There’s always a “then” isn’t there?)  this big-ass  bass-blaring sticker-covered massive-tires pickup truck pulls in right next to me.  OVER the line.  There’s a whole lot practically open.  It’s a 7 level parking garage and you had to park next to me? REALLY?!  I already don’t like him.  I look over at him.  He’s a younger guy with a black t-shirt on, cigarettes tucked in his sleeve and a camouflage hat on.  He’s covered in dirt or oil or something gross.  He turns off his truck and gets out.  *Uhhhh…. is he seriously not moving over?*  I squeeze out as he’s walking past and I catch him eying up my door with that “You better not hit my truck” look.  I just roll my eyes and let it roll off my back.  Whatever.  I get the girls out of the other side and head in.  I’m still early so it’s no big deal I guess.

I get to Ortho and check in, “Peanut has an appointment at 7 with Annette.”  The receptionist looks at me a little startled and goes to the computer.  After a minute she asks, “Umm… what was the last name?  Can you spell it?”  I tell her and she furrows her brow a little.  *Uhhh… no furrowing please…*  “I don’t have her in the system for today.  Are you sure it’s today.”  *WHAT?!*  “Yes I’m positive it was for today.  We started the last set of casts a little over a week ago.  I specifically remember her asking me if I really wanted to come in at 7 AM since I come from so far away.”  “Oh, well she’s not here right now.  I can page her if you want.”  *She’s not here??!  I swear to god If you send me home…*,  “Yeah, please do that.”  I go sit down festering in my own thoughts.  *What if they send me home.  Husband stayed home from work for nothing.  Peanut will have to come back again tomorrow.  Husband will be in trouble if he keeps just taking off of a whim.  Wait… How the hell aren’t we on the schedule??  We scheduled the next FIVE Mondays!!  This is ridiculous!!  I’m not leaving here without her casts getting changed, I just got up at 5 in the friggin morning!!  That idiot woman.  She seemed flaky last time…*  I sat there thinking like that for about 20 minutes and sent husband a very explicit text venting about the situation.  FINALLY she calls back and says she’s on her way in and they should take off Peanut’s casts for her.  *Yeah, you better you dumb box.  I want  coffee too.  God damn it.*  Obviously I’m just super negative and ready to snap at anyone at this point.  I ask if they can call the lab and make sure they know I’m here and I’ll be late *because of you*, but to make sure I can still get in ASAP.  The receptionist says sure.  They bring us back and I get Peanut ready to get her casts taken off.  The lady takes out a circular power saw.  *!!!!!!!*  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but they saw off her casts.  *Oh god… they’re professionals, they’re professionals…*  She turns it on and lowers it to my now terrified crying REAL-tears little baby.  I’m holding my breath ready to punch the lady if she even remotely slips up.  I think she’s aware of how tense I am and she explains the cotton under the plaster stops the blade.  *Oh, cotton, well now I feel better.  Cotton stops incredibly sharp deadly weapons.  Why didn’t I realize this?* (Yes, I consider it a weapon at this point… I’m a over-tired irrational Mom.  Give me a break.)  I did start to feel better after a minute of her cutting and I remembered I had my camera so I decided it’d be cool to take some pictures of this moment to show peanut later.  “…and this is when I thought you were going to be murdered by the nice nurse…”  Finally the casting lady shows up (didn’t apologize for the scheduling mistake) and starts talking to the one who removed the first casts about her VACATION*Hey, assbag, care to take care of my daughter?*.  I interrupt her, “So how long does it take to put the new ones on? *hint hint*  She gets the hint and gets to it pretty quickly.  The new ones are on and I’m off without much conversation on my side.  I was too busy thinking daggers the whole time.  *God I want coffee…*

Now it’s 8:05 and I walk into the lab.  I check in and explain I was running late but someone should have called from ortho to let them know to push my appt back a bit.  “I’m sorry ma-am, no one called us so we figured you were a no-show.  Your slot has been filled.  I’m so sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”  *S__T.*,  “Well how long of a wait will it be now?”  *I wonder what they’ll think if I start slamming my head on the counter…*  “Probably around 30 minutes.”  *Oh. My. God.  I WANT COFFEE.*  45 minutes later both girls are crying.  I stopped trying to soothe them awhile go.  No one else is in the waiting room but the receptionist.  *Good… I hope this annoys you.*  I trudged up to the counter.  The receptionist was talking animatedly telling a story about her and her boyfriend’s vacation, *screw you all and your vacations.*,  “Excuse me?”  Nothing.  “Excuse me.”  She looks at me, “Can I help you?”  *No, I just wanted to ask about your vacation.*  “I was just wondering how much longer the wait should be?”  “Oh they’re just looking over the papers now, it should be any moment.”  Finally…  I go sit back down and she continues her vacation story.  She finishes her story about five minutes later and I’m still waiting.  I overhear her listener say something about it sounding like a great vacation and, “…I’m gonna go get Peanut and Bear for their bloodwork.”  *Wait… wait wait wait… are you kidding me?!  OOOOH my GOD.”  I sat there for who knows long extra and you chose to listen to this story rather than take care of me and my crying babies?!  Oooooh this woman was going to get NO mercy.  I was seriously tempted to use my children as weapons.  *Maybe I’ll spin in circles and make my dizzy babies puke on them.  Maybe I’ll pinch them and hurt their ears with their supersonic scream.*  I just sat and looked at her for a second.  She gave me an impatient look like, “hurry up please!”  I’m just floored.  She took us back and got everything ready for the blood draw.  This was the worst part of the whole trip.  She started with Bear.  Found the vein and got everything prepped.  Poor Bear… poor poor Bear, I could hardly watch.  She stabbed her and missed.  She kept the needle in and kept digging around trying to find her vein.  *ohmygodohmygodohmygod…*  No such luck.  Bear is screaming, and I’m nearly in tears myself.  I’m more angry with her reaction.  “Oh well… looks like I missed.  Why don’t we try again in the other arm?  Flip her over.”  So nonchalant.  I know she’s a professional, but she didn’t even seem to feel bad!!!  Bear is heaving and gasping from crying so hard and I can hardly put her down to do it all over again.  She’s looking at me with her tear streaked face.  I cant put her down… but I do.  She tries again and misses AGAIN.  *Oh my god, I can’t do this.*  “Can I just hold her a minute and settle her down?”  “No, this will only take a minute.”  She stabs and digs AGAIN.  I’m crying now.  I feel so helpless and my poor baby is being attacked.  I finally told her to stop and asked for someone else to try.  She seems annoyed but agrees, adding, “Your daughter has bad veins.”  I’m. pissed.  “No one else has ever had a problem with her.  Maybe it’s you.”  She’s obviously offended but I don’t care.  Another woman comes in and tries.  What do you know, first try.  *Fire that last idiot…*  Peanut gets her draw done and she’s good on the first try.  I’m so beyond the deflated I expected to be.  I’m just so so upset for my poor babies, and so angry at some people’s obvious lack of respect for their patients and an obvious lack of love for their job.  Terrible terrible terrible.

The only consolation is I remember pouring myself a travel mug on my way out the door.  I pick up the pace.  Coffee is the only thing keeping me sane right now.  That and the fact that I’m getting my girls back home.  Two hours late.  Get me out of this hellhole.  Poor husband has to work two hours later tonight now… *sigh*  I get to the van and get the girls in and go around to the tight squeeze douchebag country boy left me.  I finally get in and reach for my coffee.    It’s.   not.   there.    I just collapse on the steering wheel and moan.  I remember now that I forgot it on the counter… *UGH*  I need to take it out on something, I look at country prick’s truck and smile… *BAM*  …oops.  I guess I lost control of my door.  Or MAYBE you parked so god damn close that I couldn’t fit and it was bound to happen IDIOT!  (For the record I’ve never done that before… I’m honestly not a violent person, but he kind of asked for it right?  Right??!)  I head out and call husband apologizing tenfold (Not knowing WHY I’m apologizing when it wasn’t really my fault at all).  He’s fine, but not too happy he has to work late now.  Who can blame him?  I settle down a bit because I’m on my way home.  Home… it can’t come too soon.  I plan on chugging a whole pot of coffee and just getting by until Buddy goes down for his nap.  I remember a back way to get back home faster and I get off on an earlier exit.  *I’m almost home, I’m almost home.*  Then… the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Construction.  A bridge is out, being repaired.  *F___ you bridge!*  I’m tempted to just smash through the road blocks, gun it and jump the bridge Dukes of Hazard style.  *If I were driving anything but this damn van…* I think as I’m turning around.  I finally got home ten minutes later than planned.  Tired and irritated.

I’m probably making this out to be much more than it actually was.  I don’t know.  But GOD I was angry at the hospital and I just couldn’t believe the balls of some of the staff today, and the complete idiocy (is that even a word?  I don’t care, I’m using it.) of others… On the bright side the girls are happily asleep now and I got my coffee. 🙂

4 thoughts on “One of THOSE days…

  1. Wow.. I feel like chewing someone out for you! It’s one of those situations where you’re *thisclose* to making everyone around you cry, and you almost have to talk yourself out of it. I hope you don’t have too many more of those!

    • Oh, I know!! I was on the verge of the angry tears most of the day. It was just so frustrating! I’m jut glad I only have to go back for the casting every following week. Now I’m aware of the saw so I won’t have a minor heart attack when I see it next week lol.

  2. Perhaps as a fellow exhausted mother, I can relate to how easily anger can escalate, but I don’t think you were making this out to be more than it was. OMG, I am laughing SO hard about the truck!!! I would’ve done the SAME thing. hahahahahhaaha! I love it!

    Hope Peanut and Bear are doing better this afternoon after their ordeal. And I hope Mama got her coffee and was able to get some sanity back too 😉 Love you guys!

    • Hahahaha, I know I keep laughing about the truck too!! I can’t believe I did it! I was so scared I’d get caught, but I did it anyway. I hated him. A lot. So he deserved it. Peanut and Bear are fine now… they were furiously hungry when we got home since we were late. Had I known my world was gonna fall apart I would have brought them milk… and myself coffee… 😉

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